Who rude can someone be?

Take for instance, Bobby Popowicz’s community meeting at Port Royal Volunteer Fire Department on August 28th.

A man entered about 15 minutes into the meeting. His phone proceeded to ring three times — loudly — during the meeting and he had the nerve to carry on an conversation with someone with two of the calls.

Who was this man?

Calvin Taylor.

Yeah, that’s right, the same person that got beat by Bobby Popowicz last year, showed up to his community meeting — however, not the one in his area — and proceeded to be a rude, obnoxious brat.

Not only did he let his phone ring three times, but he also tried to stir turmoil and further polarize the Port Royal and Rappahannock Academy areas (as if that was possible), by insinuating that the Planning Commission — any by extension, the Board of Supervisors — was in the wrong to forward a special exemption permit to the Board (the special exemption permit in question would permit sand extraction on property owned by Emmet Snead).

If Calvin Taylor has a problem with the Planning Commission, perhaps he should talk to the Port Royal District appointee on the commission. You know, the same one that he appointed to that position last year.

I guess Calvin Taylor is already starting his election campaign for the 2011 election.

If he keeps this up, he’s going to get crushed in 2011.

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