11 thoughts on “Shucks, there goes the Washington Nationals’ play-off hopes.”

  1. Just scrolling through the psuedo intellect on your website. Have you figured out how to spell DYING yet, or is the pocket dictionary your mom bought you still lodged in your colon?

  2. You seem to be so concerned about spelling mistakes (bravo, you managed to find one!), I figured you might want to direct your attentions to a position as editor that will get you paid, “Julie”.

  3. Ok there, Twatson. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. You’re so right… Maybe I should get a job as an unpaid socially stunted blogger. There can’t possibly be a better platform than that for all my worldly wisdom of Virginia (and nowhere else in the world, as I have never ventured further than a 50 mile radius of the house I grew up in)! On second thought, that sounds rather tragic. Back to the drawing board…

  4. Awww, you win big guy. Ok, this is my final response to the lamefest, so… you can stop refreshing the page every 3 seconds now to see if I answered :)

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