Mike Huckabee: Just ignore what the supreme court says.

You know, I thought I had seen/heard the last of the Huckster after he opened his mouth and removed any doubt of his stupidity by making a joke about someone aiming a gun at Barack Obama.

Alas, we weren’t that lucky.

He’s talking specifically about Mitt Romney and how Romney should have ignored a Massachusetts Supreme Court decision that declared a ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional (Hot Air).

You know, you can say what you will about Supreme Courts decisions — not just ones from the Massachusetts Supreme Court — but the last I checked this isn’t a dictatorship.

There are plenty of Supreme Court decisions I disagree with (take your pick) but if you have the member of the executive office — be it Governor or President — ignoring what the judicial branch of government says, you cease to have a system of check and balances. Soon the executive will be ignoring the legislative branch, and then we are are on our way to a grand old dictatorship.

And while we are on the topic on Supreme Court decisions and Mike Huckabee, maybe someone can explain to me why the Huckster seems to think a Supreme Court of the United States decision finding a constitutional right to sodomy “probably was appropriate” (Ann Coulter #1 & #2)?

The last time I did a read-through of the United States Constitution, I sure enough didn’t see a provision involving sodomy; what about you guys?

The fact that people support this idiot (Huckabee) just goes to show the collective stupidity of certain people.

Ace of Spades HQ has more.

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