The Huckster opens his mouth, removes any doubt of his stupidity.


Republican Mike Huckabee responded to an offstage noise during his speech to the National Rifle Association by suggesting it was Barack Obama diving to the floor because someone had aimed a gun at him.

Hearing a loud noise and interrupting his speech, Huckabee said: “That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He’s getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he—he dove for the floor.”

There were only a few murmurs in the crowd after the remark.

Or as another blog puts it: “It’s not as bad as that suggests but it’s bad enough to probably keep him off the ticket. Fortunately.”

5 thoughts on “The Huckster opens his mouth, removes any doubt of his stupidity.”

  1. LOL! I just noticed the domain name for this site. If I were you, I would change it to:

    And just so you know, calling people names went out of style once you graduate 6th grade. Maybe someday you can grow up like the rest of us and participate in an intellectual debate on the issues?

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