Mockery is always the best medicine.

And Ace of Spades HQ proves that, with their ongoing “Eric Cantor Jewishness Watch” (left column):

DNC: No, Seriously, Did I Mention that Eric Cantor Orders Roast Beef on Challah Bread, “a Deli Specialty Which Exudes Jewish Power“?
Am I lying? Am I sweetening? Am I making crazy shit up? Answer: NO, alas, I am not

Eric Cantor Jewishness Watch: Current Status: Still a Jew.
The Joint DNC/David Duke Jew-Tracker Early Warning System Rates Him as a “Three Yarmulke Threat,” Just One Yarmulke Shy of the Most Dire Category of “Catastrophic Hebraicness”…
The Ace of Spades Jew-Watch Election Center will keep an eye on this alarming situation. When we know more, you’ll know more.

Yup, It’s Bayh: Obama Hints Veep Pick Will be Low-Key (Bayh is Boring as F***) and Will “Challenge” His Assumptions (Bayh Voted in Favor of the Iraq War)
Upside of Bayh pick: He’s not a Jew like Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)

Casey Anthony Released from Jail; Asserts She’s Not Guilty, Not Jewish

Eric Cantor Mystery Deepens; Neighbors Say He Lacks “Christmas Spirit”
Just hitting the wires: Cantor (Jew-VA) has a 100% Lifetime Rating from the CCR (Council of Concerned Rabbis), and a 0% Lifetime Rating from the AGA (Americans for Gentile Action)

Crisis in the Capitol, Seven Years Later: Who Killed Chandra Levy?
DNC sources say suspect must have had motive, means, and gefilte fish

This, my friends, is why AoSHQ is the best blog out there.

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