Miss two court dates, get a year in prison.

Throw your three-year-old daughter in a pool, refuse to rescue her while she sinks to the bottom, have a beer and kick your one-year-old daughter accross the room while your other daughter goes to the hospital, get a year in prison.

Sounds proportionate to me; what about you guys?

To recap: A man who missed two court dates in Stafford County — while he was sitting in jail in Norfolk — received a jury’s recommendation to serve a year in prison (link).

And now in Spotsylvania County (The Free Lance–Star):

A mother who threw her 3-year-old daughter in a pool and let the toddler sink to the bottom will spend a year in prison.


The incident that led to her charges last Aug. 6 occurred when she was intoxicated with a .26 blood alcohol content, according to evidence presented yesterday in court.

According to a March plea agreement, Frank was playing in an outdoor pool at a friend’s home with her 3-year-old daughter last summer.

While playing, the toddler ripped Frank’s shirt, so she angrily threw the girl into the center of the pool. She sank to the bottom.

After realizing Frank was not helping her daughter, a 7-year-old girl went to the bottom of the pool to bring the toddler up for air, according to the agreement.


While the 3-year-old was en route to the hospital, Frank sat on the couch, drinking a beer, and, still angry, kicked her 1-year-old daughter across the kitchen floor, according to witness statements in the plea agreement.

The incident with her younger daughter is what led to Frank’s assault conviction.

You’re supposed to have a dog license to own a dog right?

I am hereby purposing that before you are allowed to have children you should have to obtain a breeding/children license.

If it’s good enough for dog breeders (ask Bobby Orrock), why not humans?

We can change Animal Control to Human Control too.

Ditto for the Animal Shelter, it would be a Human Shelter.

We must do it for the children!

Oh yeah, and we can hang people charged with crimes like this…

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