“Which office does he go to to get his reputation back?”, Part 2

A paraphrase of something Ray Donovan, a former United States Secretary of Labor, said after he was acquitted of criminal charges. The title of yesterday’s post was a slight misparaphrase.

Some good news on this front at least (The Free Lance–Star):

The child molestation charges against Spotsylvania County sheriff’s Deputy Richard Earnest Lloyd Jr. are not being prosecuted in Caroline County Circuit Court.


But yesterday, Goochland prosecutor Nancy Oglesby, who handled the case because of a conflict of interest in the Caroline commonwealth’s attorney’s office, moved to nolle pross the charges based on a lack of evidence in the case.


Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith said Lloyd would be reinstated today as a deputy.

“We’re glad to have him back,” Smith said.


According to a July 11, 2006, Virginia Court of Appeals decision, allegations that Lloyd had sexually abused his children were unfounded.

Those allegations, which came as part of a custody battle, were found to have no basis, according to the appeals decision. Lloyd was permitted at the time to keep full custody of his children.

However, when Lloyd was charged in January, his custody was taken away.

Witmeyer said yesterday that he intends to file an emergency custody appeal in Hanover County, where Lloyd lives.

If you want to read the whole monstrosity of a custody case this is: click here.

2 thoughts on ““Which office does he go to to get his reputation back?”, Part 2”

  1. People used to learn how to read from the Bible.

    It served two purposes. One you learned how to read. Two you learned morals!

    But we’ve taken morals out of the education process and wonder why our country and world are what they are.

    One last thing, besides Christianity, what other religion heals the sick, and feeds the hungry around the world, regardless of religion?

  2. Interesting you say that since the children’s “mom” in this case (and I use that term loosely) claims to be a Bible-thumper. God made yesterday a great day Cindy!

    On an unrelated note, I hope everyone remembers this case next time elections roll around…

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