Forget the Obamessiah; Rob Wittman will save us all!

There have been cracks made about the media’s relationship with Barack Obama and the fact that they portray Obama as a messiah.

Well, apparently Rob Wittman gets the same treatment from certain people (The Free Lance–Star):

A silver lining? Yes, with Rob Wittman

America is in a time of foreboding, we are told. Global warming is catastrophic, the economy is in a nose dive, our president should be tried for everything, and only more taxation will fix our troubles.

Last summer, the nation’s 1st District had a dark cloud hanging over it, and, try as we might, we could see no silver lining.

But by the middle of December, we had found and elected Rob Wittman to fill our vacant congressional seat. Now, after a close check of his voting record and legislative efforts, we can definitely see the silver lining to last year’s ominous cloud.

The silver lining doesn’t lessen the darkness of the cloud and the hurt it presented, but it does give us hope for the future.

Recently, Rep. Wittman was here talking about energy, and he’s got it right [“Wittman: Congress ‘must get it done’,” July 5].

We need to drill and build. Now what we need is a couple hundred more politicians just like him to get this situation turned around.

The nation’s 1st District is in good hands. We are indeed very fortunate to have Rob Whitman working for us in Congress.

Keith Angle


What in the hell is this guy smoking?

Seriously, police need to obtain a search warrant for this guy’s house and search for meth and/or crack cocaine.

What the hell was this “dark” and “ominous cloud” that was hanging over the 1st Congressional District last summer?

This sounds like some stupid narration from the opening of a Star Wars movie:

It is a dark and ominous time for the Republican Party. The charismatic leadership of Senator Obama has put the Republican Party on the run. But from the shadows, comes a ray of hope: Rob Wittman, the former director of field operations for the Division of Shellfish Sanitation for the Virginia Department of Health. Etc., etc…

Sure, Jo Ann Davis passed away in October from breast cancer but that was the fall, not the summer.

And what exactly have Rob Wittman’s legislative efforts been composed of?

Putting a campaign contributor in for $3,125,000 worth of federal earmarks (link)?

Supporting a pork laden, $290,000,000,000, corporate welfare bill (link)?

Putting out information that the House Armed Services Committee held a “top secret briefing” on bombing Iran (link)?

The fact that Wittman thinks so little of our fighting men (and women) that they can’t decide for themselves what they should read and watch (link)?

And the only bill that guy has managed to pass so far was a bill renaming a bloody post office (link)!

Further, would the readers of The Free Lance–Star be interested in the fact the author of this letter, Keith Angle, is the Stafford County Republican Committee’s secretary and Chairman of their Finance Committee (link)?

That seems kinda relevant to the [supposed] independent nature of letters to the editors, right?

UPDATE: D.J. McGuire (The right-wing liberal) has his take here.

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