Profiles in Hypocrisy: John Sidney McCain

From one his oh-so-torturing email alerts:

One of these challenges is global climate change. Whether we call it “climate change” or “global warming,” in the end we’re all left with the same set of facts. Good stewardship, prudence and simple common sense demand that we act to meet the challenge and act quickly. And if we are wrong and climate change is not a threat, all we are doing is leaving a better planet for our children and lowering our dependence on foreign oil.

We would have more domestic oil if McCain would vote to allow domestic oil production (Roll Call vote #1, #2 [there’s more, I’m just too lazy to find them]).

ANWAR is estimated to have up to 11,800,000,000 barrels of oil that are recoverable (USGS). That’s $1,461,430,000,000 worth of oil (a barrel of oil is at $123.85 on the New York Mercantile Exchange right now).

That is why I have proposed a cap-and-trade system that would set limits on greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging the development of low-cost compliance options. This is a market-based system to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mobilize innovative technologies and strengthen the economy.

If that’s the case, why was he complaining about Mitt Romney’s tax cut on the sale of hybrid vehicles? (The Washington Post):

A spokesman for Romney called McCain’s SUV claim “absolute nonsense” and said Romney had only called for a tax cut on hybrid vehicles as a way to encourage sales.


While campaigning for governor, Romney proposed decreasing the excise tax on fuel-efficient cars.

Anyone wonder what type of vehicle John McCain drives or rides in? (USA Today):

Though he had traveled to some campaign events on chartered planes, he flew to New Hampshire on a commercial flight and drove around the state in a rented SUV.

Los Angeles Times:

Sen. John McCain left a downtown building to enter a waiting SUV for the trip to a fund-raiser in San Francisco.

And there’s his too-many-to-count flip-flops on ethanol:

  • “When McCain ran for president in 1999 and 2000, he barely campaigned in Iowa, knowing that his anti-ethanol stance wouldn’t cut it in corn country.” (
  • “‘Ethanol is a product that would not exist if Congress didn’t create an artificial market for it. No one would be willing to buy it,’ McCain said in November 2003.” (Ibid)
  • October 31, 2006: “In a flip-flop so absurd it’ll be a wonder if it doesn’t get lampooned by late-night comedians – not to mention opponents’ negative ads – McCain is now proclaiming himself a “strong” ethanol supporter.” (Ibid)
  • May 2, 2008: “Every time hardworking American families buy groceries, they feel the financial sting of misguided federal policies mandating that taxpayers support ethanol,” said Sen. McCain. “It isn’t a surprise that food prices are rising when more than 25 percent of the corn grown today is taken out of the food supply and instead used for subsidized ethanol production. This subsidized program – paid for with taxpayer dollars – has contributed to pain at the cash register, at the dining room table, and a devastating food crisis throughout the world. We need to put an end to flawed government policies that distort the markets, raise food prices artificially, and pit producers against consumers. We must call on the EPA to exercise its authority to not exacerbate this already bad situation.” (National Corn Growers Association)

All around, a complete moron.

2 thoughts on “Profiles in Hypocrisy: John Sidney McCain”

  1. I actually took a look at the transcript, Tim, and McCain never called for ethanol subsidies or mandates. He gave a sentence or two about ethanol being a good alternative to oil (it’s not, but I digress), but he did not drop his opposition to subsidies.

    MSM led you astray on that one.

  2. I never said anything about subsidies. I simply pointed out that McCain can’t decide if ethanol is a good thing or a bad thing.

    From the National Corn Growers Association:

    Q. You used to be an outspoken critic of ethanol. Do you believe now that it should be part of America’s energy future?

    McCain: “I do, because, one, of its role in reducing dependence on foreign oil. And also when oil is $10 a barrel, it doesn’t make a lot of sense; when oil is $70 a barrel, it makes a lot more sense. I’m for all kinds of ethanol. I mean, corn-based is obviously the flavor of the month — and I’m all for it — but we also need sugarcane-based ethanol, such as what’s coming out of Brazil, and we need switchgrass biofuels. There should be a broad variety of sources of ethanol besides just corn. And by the way, I still do not support subsidies for ethanol; it’s doing just fine without them.”


    (, October 1, 2007)


    “I don’t support any subsidies. But I am a strong supporter of ethanol because I don’t see any scenario where the price of oil is going to go back down again.” (Sioux City Journal, March 8, 2007)


    “Ethanol does nothing to reduce fuel consumption, nothing to increase our energy independence, nothing to improve air quality.” (Fortune, October 31, 2006)


    “I support ethanol and I think it is a vital, a vital alternative energy source not only because of our dependency on foreign oil but its greenhouse gas reduction effects, ” McCain said during an August speech in Grinnell, Iowa, (Associated Press, August 1, 2006)

    He was against it, before he was for, before he was against, before he was for it.

    (I might have missed a flip-flop or two.)

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