More danger from mercury bulbs (CFLs)

AP via WTOP:

A Cumberland family has lost their home to a fire caused by using a compact fluorescent light bulb in a lamp controlled by a dimmer switch.

The state fire marshal’s office says such fires are rare, but they’re a real danger that people should consider when replacing incandescent bulbs with the more efficient fluorescent type.


Truck driver Rick Jenkins says he didn’t think to read the label before screwing in the bulb. The fire caused 165,000 dollars worth of damage to his home.

I wonder what happen to all the mercury in the bulb.

One thought on “More danger from mercury bulbs (CFLs)”

  1. I’ve started stockpiling 100 watt light bulbs since they’ll be the first to go in less than four years.

    Most of my light bulbs are already fluorescent, but I still want the option for my dimmers and any other reason that I don’t know about yet.

    The energy savings from the ban will probably not be there. Human behavior dictates that the cheaper something is, the more you use it. I’ve already caught myself leaving the fluorescent lights on all night just because I can.

    We’d probably save more energy by banning all NPR radio stations. Each one uses at least 10,000 watts, 24 hours a day!

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