The Caroline BOS wants a 7.06% pay raise.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Stanley Jones and the School Board are fighting for just a 6% increase in salaries for teachers.

Not only that, but the BOS is projected to pay themselves 1.94% more than was budgeted come the end of this fiscal year. Who needs a budget, right?

And they want a 113.9% increase in benefits (medical insurance for one).

And they get to go to the National Association of Counties’s (NACo) convention in Kansas City at the cost of $13,000. Mmmm… Kansas City barbecue.

It should be noted that Spotsylvania County stopped going to NACo conventions back in 2004.

Of course, almost three years ago, Calvin Taylor and Wayne Acors went to the NACo convention Hawaii. The supposed reason for the trip to Hawaii was to learn how Hawaii has done such a great job with their rural roads (The Free Lance–Star):

Has anyone seen an improvement in roads in Caroline County?

I sure as heck haven’t. In fact, what input does the county even have in regards to roads?

Not only that, but Percy Ashcraft was talking about flying people (including members of the BOS and county staff) down to Tampa Bay for an award for the Ladysmith Sub-Area Plan (March 18, 2008 BOS Meeting – 10. Informational/Calender Items).

All this while increasing citizen’s real estate tax bill by $50/$100,000.

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