Reminder: The Richmond Times-Dispatch declared William Frawley a “hero” back in January.

See: With “heroes” like these, who needs bad guys?

So, this is a guy that RT-D declared a “hero”:

Before he was declared a “hero”

  • Blew a 0.21 BAC (blood alcohol content) in Fairfax County, following a motor vehicle accident, and somehow managed to skirt his way out of his mandatory minimum ten days in jail (§ 18.2-270(a)).
  • The day after his arrest in Fairfax County, he was charged with DUI after driving his car around without a tire and failing to stop for police. He was also charged with failure to submit to a breath test.

After he was declared a “hero”:

  • It was discovered he had been charged in Maryland with failure to stop after hitting an attended vehicle (hit and run).
  • Had a restraining order filed against him by his wife for domestic violence.
  • He was charged with his third DUI.
  • It was discovered that he never had a Virginia driver’s license despite being the President of a Virginia university (UMW).

RT-D, want a mulligan on this one?

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