POS terrorist back in prison.

And that makes today a good day: LA Times:

California authorities rearrested Sara Jane Olson at noon Saturday, just hours after she was prevented from flying home to Minnesota from Los Angeles, and said she must serve one more year in prison because they miscalculated her release date.

The former member of the radical Symbionese Liberation Army had been paroled Monday from a California women’s prison after serving about six years for her role in a 1975 plot to kill Los Angeles police officers by blowing up their patrol cars.

Officials from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said at a news conference that they had made a mistake in computing the amount of time Olson should serve in a separate case in which she pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for participating in a Sacramento-area bank robbery in which another SLA member killed a customer.

She should be joining Tookie Williams but I guess we have to settle for another year in prison:

But [Los Angeles Police Protective League President Tim] Sands said the organization was “far from satisfied. Parole shouldn’t even be an option for terrorists who are convicted of murdering innocent bystanders and attempting to murder police officers. Anyone who tries to kill police officers should get significant jail time and serve their full sentence.”

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2 thoughts on “POS terrorist back in prison.”

  1. Cops get away with killing innocent people all the time and very few are held accountable and are penalized for example unarmed Amadou Diallo who got shot 42 times by 4 cops for NO REASON. These stupid, loser cops wept in court and got away with serious crimes and here they are thwarting a person who in the end didn’t really do any damage to anyone. California is a fascist state and if Sara Jane Olsen is going to be held accountable then I want to see those 4 cops in JAIL.

  2. Ever notice how laws and penalties apply differently to people who “work for the Law” and those who do not? Interesting, eh?…perverted is a term that comes to mind.

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