And I, for one, welcome our new Ministry of Love overlords.

That would be a reference to 1984, by the way (and The Simpsons).

Consider what the People’s Republic of Maryland is doing. NBC 4:

People arrested for certain crimes would have to submit DNA samples under a bill approved by state lawmakers.

The House of Delegates passed a bill Saturday allowing the collection of DNA evidence from people who have been charged, but not convicted, of a violent crime.

So much for people not being “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” and all that jazz.

And in a couple years, they’ll be doing what the Brits are doing: Ace of Spades HQ’s coverage:

Scotland Yard Director of Forensic Sciences Gary Pugh is looking to use the UK National Criminal Intelligence DNA Database more effectively. He thinks one way is to use educators and others to screen children for pre-criminal behaviors. Those with criminal tendencies would have their DNA added to the database to await their eventual criminal act.


‘The number of unsolved crimes says we are not sampling enough of the right people,’ Pugh told The Observer. However, he said the notion of universal sampling – everyone being forced to give their genetic samples to the database – is currently prohibited by cost and logistics.

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