Moron that died in police custody was on the coke.

The Free Lance–Star: City suspect dies in custody:

Cocaine may have contributed to the death of a man who died in the back of a Fredericksburg police cruiser Sunday night, police said.

James Howard Jones Jr., 36, of Roanoke died after being arrested following a disturbance at the Twi-Lite Motel in Fredericksburg, city police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said.

2 thoughts on “Moron that died in police custody was on the coke.”

  1. The man is dead for God’s sake and you disparage him. Have you no decency?

    The police often “find” weapons after they shoot someone and they also “find” drugs on people who they want to lock-up. If the main had cocaine in his system, that does not necessarily mean that is what was the cause of death. So, in any case, your assessment is both tasteless and premature.

    Of course, in your world, police are infallible and always tell the truth. In the real world, the rest of us are not so lucky to enjoy such perfection.

    The man died, while in the custody of the Fredericksburg PD. Once a person is taken into custody, the safety of the citizen who is arrested, is the responsibility of the police officer and later the jail staff.

    No decent person would refer to a man who died in police custody, especially under suspicious circumstances, a moron.

  2. So the police planted the knife that he used when he attempted to attack the manager? They also planted the manager, the manager’s family, the other occupants of the hotel, and their statements?

    The manager, who lives on site, told police that Jones forced open the door to his office about 8:30 p.m. and came in holding a folding knife with a 3½-inch blade in his hand.

    Bledsoe said the manager reported the Jones was yelling at him but wasn’t making any sense.

    Family members and other occupants of the motel responded to the yelling and had Jones pinned on the floor when police arrived. The knife was on the floor and no one appeared to be injured, Bledsoe said.

    Bledsoe said Jones was combative and yelling unintelligible comments as officers placed him in the back of a cruiser.

    Oh yeah, and George W. Bush blew up the World Trade Center towers too I presume?

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