Ron Paul is having Kucinich problems…

Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the Presidential race a couple weeks ago because he was worried he might lose his primary seat to a Democratic primary challenger.

Ron Paul has a couple primary challengers (story #1, #2) and it looks like he’s a little worried too:

Here is another way you can help Ron Paul continue to defend freedom and keep the movement alive. Under Texas law Ron Paul can run for President and Congress at the same time and he is doing just that. If you have already given to help elect Ron Paul President, you can also help him by giving to his reelection campaign to Congress. Go to his congressional web site starting TODAY and donate to make sure Ron also wins his reelection campaign for Congress. Let’s help reelect Ron to Congress and elect him President at the same time. Let the Establishment know that the movement will continue, whether in Congress or in the White House. The Texas Primary election is March 4, so time is short for Ron to fund this campaign.


Federal election laws make it impossible for Congressman Paul to use any of his presidential funds for his congressional race so long as he remains a candidate for president. That creates a real problem because as long as Ron Paul continues to have success running for President, he will have a hard time securing funds for his congressional reelection.

Christ, talk about delusions of grandeur…

And then there’s this even more interesting part:

This message paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Ron Paul


Paid for by the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee.

The email was sent through his Presidential campaign’s email address — not his Congressional campaign’s email (regardless of the message saying it was paid for by his re-election campaign). I’m pretty sure it’s against campaign laws to use a service bought with one campaign to solicit money for another campaign otherwise I don’t think he would have a problem putting money from his Presidential election into his Congressional campaign.

And before you ask, the only reason I’m getting a message from Ron Paul is because I’ve subscribed to all the surviving Presidential campaigns’ mailing lists.

(By the way, vote Mitt Romney!)

Okay, joint Board of Supervisors/School Board worksession back to being on February 4th

They seem to be having trouble figuring out the day for some reason. First, it was the 4th as announced at the last Board of Supervisors meeting. Then it was the 5th according to the ticker on the county website. Now, it’s the 4th according to the February Message from the County Administrator:

The Board of Supervisors will hold its regular meetings this month on Tuesday, February 12 and Tuesday, February 26 at 6 p.m. at the Community Services Center. In addition, a joint worksession with the Caroline School Board will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday, February 4 at the Community Services Center.

This was a no brainer

From the AP via WUSA9: Virginia House Panel OKs College Emergency Plan Measure:

Legislation requiring colleges and universities to develop emergency management plans was unanimously endorsed Friday by a House of Delegates committee.


The bill would require universities to update their emergency plan every four years, establish a threat assessment team, and create a system to notify students and employees of emergencies by e-mail, phone, text messages or other means.

UPDATE: The following colleges/universities have already set up alert systems:

General Assembly comes through on full-time funding for Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office?

There had been a question of whether the state would fund the conversion process for the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office from part-time to full-time status this year.

Budget Amendment Item 73 #1h, #5h, #6h, #1s, #2s, #3s (sorry, can’t provide direct linkage):


(This amendment requests general funds to convert four part-time Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ offices to full-time status, in accordance with §15.2-1629, Code of Virginia. The amendment provides funding to convert the offices for Buckingham, Caroline, Charles City, and Middlesex counties to full-time status. Funding is needed a) to convert the salary of the Commonwealth’s Attorney to full-time; b) to convert the salary of the part-time administrative assistant to full-time; c) for additional office expense funding; and d) for start-up equipment costs in the first year.)

Let’s hope these amendments survive the budget process.

Thanks to Delegates Abbitt*, Hargrove, McClellan, Moran, Morgan*, Morrissey, Orrock, Peace, Putney*; and Senators Colgan*, Deeds, Marsh, McDougle*, McEachin, Stolle*.

*Indicates Chief Patron of an amendment

Delegate Peace is also Chief Patron of a budget amendment (Item 493 #198h) that would provide $50,000 to the Quin Rivers, Incorporated; which is a community action agency serving Charles City, New Kent, King William, King and Queen and Caroline counties.

Delegate Peace is Chief Patron of another budget amendment (Item 493 #226h) that would provide $25,000 for construction of the Dawn Library.

GOP in the House of Delegates mature as ever…

From Tim Craig’s blog at The WaPo: Lawmakers Boo “Young Liberals”:

A group of students from Charlottesville and Albemarle County high schools didn’t exactly experience southern hospitality when they visited the state Capitol yesterday.

During the House session, Del. David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville) stood up to introduce the students, who were sitting in the gallery. But when Toscano said the students were members of the “Charlottesville Young Liberals” club, some GOP lawmakers started booing.

After initially being taken aback, Toscano responded by saying: “They are here to witness the process. Whatever you may think of what they may think, I hope you would give them a warm Capitol welcome and help educate them on how things work down here.”

Ironically, the reception probably offers a lesson for the students on how things “work” in partisan Richmond this year.

Oh, I’m sure they just got plenty of education on how things work in Richmond…

UPDATE: Much thanks to Assembly Access for the video:


UPDATE #2: Raising Kaine: “For their part, the Republicans claim they were ‘joking.'”

UPDATE #3: Addendum on Tim Craig’s blog post:

GOP aides stress the lawmakers who booed were joking, which is common in the sometimes unruly House chamber.

Reasons not to vote for John McCain: #254,903

From the Second Amendment Project: Key Second Amendment Races, 2004:

Republican John McCain (*C/F-) posed as a strong Second Amendment during the 2000 Republican Presidential primaries. But in the next session of Congress, he sponsored the McCain/Lieberman gun show bill, which would have given the federal government the administrative power to prohibit all gun shows, and to register everyone who attends a gun show. And of course the McCain/Feingold campaign finance law is the most extreme Congressional assault on First Amendment rights since the Sedition Acts of the Woodrow Wilson and John Adams administrations.

(H/t: Ann Coulter)

Spotsylvania deputy faces abuse charge in Caroline County

From The Free Lance-Star: Spotsylvania deputy faces abuse charge:

A Spotsylvania County sheriff’s deputy has been charged in Caroline County with sexually abusing a child.

Richard E. Lloyd Jr., 38, of Dawn is charged with aggravated sexual battery and taking indecent liberties with a child.

Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith said Lloyd is on administrative leave from the office and that the issue was a personnel matter.

Lloyd was arrested Jan. 23 on the charges and was released from Pamunkey Regional Jail on a personal recognizance bond. The child is related to Lloyd, authorities said.

Caroline Sheriff Tony Lippa said Lloyd’s arrest stemmed from a call from the Department of Social Services requesting assistance.

Online court records show that Lloyd is set for a jury trial May 28 in Caroline County Circuit Court.

A special prosecutor from the Goochland County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office will be trying the case.

UPDATE: The article from The Caroline Progress.

And the Court of Appeals of Virginia opinion on the prior custody battle.