Ron Paul is having Kucinich problems…

Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the Presidential race a couple weeks ago because he was worried he might lose his primary seat to a Democratic primary challenger.

Ron Paul has a couple primary challengers (story #1, #2) and it looks like he’s a little worried too:

Here is another way you can help Ron Paul continue to defend freedom and keep the movement alive. Under Texas law Ron Paul can run for President and Congress at the same time and he is doing just that. If you have already given to help elect Ron Paul President, you can also help him by giving to his reelection campaign to Congress. Go to his congressional web site starting TODAY and donate to make sure Ron also wins his reelection campaign for Congress. Let’s help reelect Ron to Congress and elect him President at the same time. Let the Establishment know that the movement will continue, whether in Congress or in the White House. The Texas Primary election is March 4, so time is short for Ron to fund this campaign.


Federal election laws make it impossible for Congressman Paul to use any of his presidential funds for his congressional race so long as he remains a candidate for president. That creates a real problem because as long as Ron Paul continues to have success running for President, he will have a hard time securing funds for his congressional reelection.

Christ, talk about delusions of grandeur…

And then there’s this even more interesting part:

This message paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Ron Paul


Paid for by the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee.

The email was sent through his Presidential campaign’s email address — not his Congressional campaign’s email (regardless of the message saying it was paid for by his re-election campaign). I’m pretty sure it’s against campaign laws to use a service bought with one campaign to solicit money for another campaign otherwise I don’t think he would have a problem putting money from his Presidential election into his Congressional campaign.

And before you ask, the only reason I’m getting a message from Ron Paul is because I’ve subscribed to all the surviving Presidential campaigns’ mailing lists.

(By the way, vote Mitt Romney!)

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul is having Kucinich problems…”

  1. ….and here I thought Mr. Paul had a fighting chance in the Southern states. What the heck happened in SC and Florida? Mr. Paul is clearly the only patriot left on either ticket. By patriot I mean, he is interested in allowing a middle class to flourish, stopping the illegal invasions of other nations, refusing to bow to corporate interests, and putting together an economic stimulus package that will keep american jobs at home, will stop the idiotic trade deficit, and bring about fair tax laws.

    By patriot I also mean that Mr. Paul will go against the main stream, will fight the corporate shills and the media lackies. He will do whats right in the face of massive “elite” opposition.

    Mitt Romney is a man who believes in a “divine scripture” that was translated by John Smith from golden tablets using first “special glasses” …after the glasses disappear John Smith then translates this scripture by putting his face in a hat to recieve “divine” insiration. Mormons, on top of their clearly suspect beginnings continue to value their women by the numbers of babies they birth, give them no clout in the church, and sometimes allow them to be brutalized by their husbands….

    Mitt, is a slick suit and nothing more. There is no substance there. Foreign policy? Uhhhh? Lets go after Syria and Iran. The man FORGOT that Reagan RAISED taxes…
    I am absolutely over any serious talk of making such a man the world leader…

    McCain…There is only one thing to say. He is a party boy who bought his way into flight school with his famous father and grandfather. Do the research! This guy drank and screwed his way through every period of his life. Why was he captured and tortured? He couldn’t fly a plane if his life depended on it…even as his life did depend on it. He lost FIVE aircraft in a row. Read the record. He is no war hero…he is a drunken twit.

    Craig Christophel

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