Spotsylvania deputy faces abuse charge in Caroline County

From The Free Lance-Star: Spotsylvania deputy faces abuse charge:

A Spotsylvania County sheriff’s deputy has been charged in Caroline County with sexually abusing a child.

Richard E. Lloyd Jr., 38, of Dawn is charged with aggravated sexual battery and taking indecent liberties with a child.

Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith said Lloyd is on administrative leave from the office and that the issue was a personnel matter.

Lloyd was arrested Jan. 23 on the charges and was released from Pamunkey Regional Jail on a personal recognizance bond. The child is related to Lloyd, authorities said.

Caroline Sheriff Tony Lippa said Lloyd’s arrest stemmed from a call from the Department of Social Services requesting assistance.

Online court records show that Lloyd is set for a jury trial May 28 in Caroline County Circuit Court.

A special prosecutor from the Goochland County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office will be trying the case.

UPDATE: The article from The Caroline Progress.

And the Court of Appeals of Virginia opinion on the prior custody battle.

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  1. Virginia Court of Appeals opinion: Cynthia Weaver v. Richard E. Lloyd, Record No. 0224-06-2:

    The record contains sufficient evidence of changed circumstances and that a change in custody would be in the best interests of the children. Mother is not being punished for reporting the allegations of sexual abuse. Rather, it was her unending attempt to prove allegations that were determined to be unfounded and her practice of alienating the children from father that convinced the trial court to award custody to father. Mother made two unfounded claims, months apart, that father sexually abused each child. Despite there being no evidence to support either allegation, mother persisted in questioning the findings of a number of reputable experts and agencies that are trained to investigate sexual abuse. In addition, she and the maternal grandmother routinely discussed and expressed their feelings about father in front of the children. Mother’s unending attempts to prove allegations that were determined to be unfounded and her continued comments against father in front of the children established a course of action, intended or not, that tended to alienate the children from the father.

  2. I have been reading everything here and have a question. What in the world did this mother do to loose custody of her kids? It must have been pretty bad because most child custody cases end in the mom winning. I understand she made an accusation against the father, but was that accusation after she lost custody? Can anyone shed some light here? Thanks

  3. Thanks, so she lost them because she accused the father. No abuse was found, so he won? Just trying to understand things here, the first time they went to court, the mother had custody? They go back to court because the father files to get custody from the mother, she (the mother) accuses him, then no evidence was found, so the mom lost? What a sad situation all the way around.

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  5. BUSTED!!! Why log on to here and act like you don’t know what is going on?? Anyone can read from posting #1 and see why the “mother” lost custody…playing stupid is what has been going on!! I got such a kick out of Tim busting AMOTHERSLOVE and WHATSGOINGON… you see the games that the Weavers have been playing…I just love it!!! This is the kind of people the Lloyd’s have been dealing with–deceipt and trickery is the name of their game!! Not to mention manipulation….YOU GO TIMOTHY WATSON!!

  6. Way to go Timothy! Reading the postings from a Motherslove was making me sick! I was so ready to go off the deep end and dump here more than should be let out, but when you busted her I wanted to jump for joy! Now I don’t have to waste my time or energy responding to a worthless piece of garbage and her allegations. The only thing I will say to a Motherslove is low blow to his mother; Mrs. Lloyd is honorable, respectable, caring, loyal, protective and I wish she were the type that would squash you like a bug!! But she has more decency in one strand of her hair than you will ever have or even think of having!! You’re right Holy Smokes!, it just goes to show what sick games the Weaver’s and their friends play. Maybe she should have taken a hint from your name and chosen one more appropriate for her postings-“blowing smoke”!!

    Thanks again Timothy for busting her!!:) You made my night!

  7. Well, I have to say that you all are crazy. The children went to the mother and told her what was going on from what I have read. The father is the monster. HE IS A PEDOPHILE! The father needs to be in jail. The only reason he got away with hurting those children is because he is a man and a cop. Thats all. Stop bashing the mother. The only thing that anyone should be concerned about are those children. I’m praying for all of them.

    I hope they lock Richard Lloyd up for the rest of his life. He took the lives of those children away from them the moment he violated them.

    It scares me to know that a monster like him was out on the streets supposedly protecting us and our children.

    At least the truth is out and he will get what is coming to him.

  8. Me – I guess what I’m curious about is this…..How do you know he is a pedophile? How do you know he violated his children? Why do you think he was shown partiality because he is a cop…when she is one also? And how do you know that what is out is the truth? I have not bashed the mother, I don’t know her, but if I’m not mistaken it was proven that the allegations she made previously were unfounded. Many professionals were involved in the previous case and none could find anything to point to abuse by the father, yet they did find evidence of the mother attempting to alienate the children from the father. I have based my opinions on what is in the court documents, and this case seems to be following the exact same pattern as the prior one…yet seems to be even more shady because of how Caroline County officials have handled it…which is my main source of interest. Of course everyone is concerned about the children, and it seems to be the court was mostly concerned about them as well based on their findings in the previous case. I find it hard to believe Ricky got off because he is a man or a cop or he had ties to the judge or officials, etc. There were simply too many officials involved in the prior case to make allegations of corruption.

  9. To “me says” you must be in the same class as “amotherslove” and the weavers, that of ignorant! Completely ignorant, only wanting to make comments for slanderous, demeaning purposes because you are evil and mean spirited. You don’t care about the children only hearing yourself speak. OMG! Lump children in their when the allegations are only against him for one child as the other child told the weavers and the legal system that it was not true, it was not happening! The entire legal system has previously found no fault, no truth to the allegations against him; yet, she continues to damage her children. Do you even know what SHE puts them through each time she brings forth an allegation? I do, I work with abused children! I know these children and they are not being abused by Ricky; but I cannot say the same for Cyndy and the abuse she is putting them through. One day SHE will get her own and I cannot wait for that day to come!!

  10. Thank you “What the ?” for saying it more rationally than I; sometimes emotions get in the way. But you are right, who does know the truth? I know I believe Ricky because I know him and his family; I’m also going off the information in the court records as well as my experience working with sexually & physically abused children. I have in ’round about ways bashed Cyndy and her family, there again emotions come into play. When a situation involves people we know and/or children it’s hard to keep them at bay. What isn’t hard to keep hidden is the facts as you pointed calmly pointed out. If he were a pedophile something/someone else would have surfaced by now; not even a police officer can keep that information hidden for over 5 years, its going to come out somehow; especially with all the investigations that he has been through. And lets not forget that she is a police officer as well. People want to accuse and say Ricky “got away” with abusing his children, the only reason he got his children is because he is a police officer, the road goes both ways. They are lucky no one has said Cyndy is fabricating lies about Ricky and knows what steps to take to destroy his family, life & career because she too is a police officer and knows what “key words” will spur action. Thank God for lawyers and judges, emotion may come into play but shouldn’t affect their decision; and my experience is that most (100%) of them follow the evidence as has been done in all the Weaver v Lloyd cases so far.

  11. Be Real….you are right, sometimes emotions do become a factor and that simply cannot be avoided. I don’t fault you one bit for that either. I guess what I’m sick of is these people or person, whichever it is…..who get on here and accuse Ricky of such horrible things, etc. and go on and on about what a wonderful loving mother Cyndy is (and again….I do not know her) and expect those of us who do not know the mother to buy into their belief…yet all the evidence points away from Ricky and more toward inappropriate actions that were initiated by Cyndy…parental alienation is a very serious offense against a child. Then to say Ricky is getting away with this because he is a cop, or a man….First of all Virginia courts tend to favor the mom, so that is a ridiculous claim. Second, she is a police officer herself. Then the idea of corruption…he has ties to a Judge, I mean, honestly…how many Judges were involved? and I am supposed to believe the Lloyd family had ties to each Judge?…..If these new claims against Ricky are deemed unfounded, I personally feel the corruption will be if she is allowed to keep her job as a police officer. I am an advocate for Father’s Rights, and I see this type of destructive behavior far too many times. Just on a personal note, it amazes me how these men who get accused of being worthless monsters, deadbeat dads, etc. were once men these women felt it was ok to share the most intimate relationship with.

  12. HEAR, HEAR!!! I couldn’t agree with you more, factual and to the point. Even if Ricky were related to a judge (which he is not)the judge would not be allowed to hear his case, what this person/people forget is that the few times a judge has been on the bench that Ricky appeared (work related cases or previous custody issues w/Cyndy) the judge removed himself from so that impartiality remained. And you’re right, it will be a corruption if she is allowed to keep her job as an officer, but not only that if she is allowed to continue to have unsupervised visitation with the children. I am for Child’s Rights be it the mother or the father and if neither is suitable, then finding care that is. These children have more than suitable care with their father and the courts saw it and will continue to see it. The things that I have seen here against Ricky are mind blowing! If people stopped and read what they said, then read the case history, then re-read their posting before submitting I don’t see how they could hit send without removing some of their comments. It truly goes to show how ignorant people are of the law, courts and how the system actually works. And how when used as in a personal vendette it can actually destroy a person’s life; especially when they are innocent. There have been so many injustices here and none of them related to the sexual abuse.

  13. “Me” – if your true concern is for the children (as it should be), then your focus should be getting to the bottom of all of this mess FOR THEIR BENEFIT. Maybe you should spend your time researching the actual issues here so you can form an educated & informed opinion rather than getting on here & slandering their dad even further?

  14. As I said to AMOTHERSLOVE (or whatever he/she is going by now), if “ME” is a true friend to the Weavers then he/she will assist the Weavers in getting the psychological help/counseling that they need before they lose the kids forever…the older those kids get, the more they will be able to see what their mother has done to them–at least to one of them–and they will be able to form their own opinion of what kind of person their mother is. Sure, she may do fun things with them and tell them how much she loves them a zillion times a day, but we all know that actions speak louder than words, and her actions are absolutely unforgiveable–no good mother would set her children up in this way for her own selfish needs/wants (to have them all to herself). And I will bash Cindy, because I know how she is and what kind of person she really is–take away that fake exterior where she comes across as such a nice and sweet person, not to mention that she says she’ll do anything for her children and the fact that she always has her Bible with her, and look at what she’s done not once but now twice to the children she claims to love so much. That deserves bashing–she has brought it all on herself. And there’s more to come once the truth comes out–which apparently “ME” thinks the truth already has come out–but I’m talking about the real truth, when the kids tell someone what their mother put them up to and that their dad never hurt them in any way. Anyone who spends 5 minutes with either child can tell that they have never been touched inappropriately or had anything in a sexual nature done to them, especially by their dad.

    And Cindy, toting your Bible around (especially to court) doesn’t make you a more credible person–if you were a true Christian, you’d pay attention to the 9th commandment–“thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”….that translates into telling lies, in case you didn’t know. Its time to come clean and put all of this behind everyone–face the fact that the kids are not being abused and move on with life–enjoy the visitation you do have with them before you lose that little bit too!

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