GOP in the House of Delegates mature as ever…

From Tim Craig’s blog at The WaPo: Lawmakers Boo “Young Liberals”:

A group of students from Charlottesville and Albemarle County high schools didn’t exactly experience southern hospitality when they visited the state Capitol yesterday.

During the House session, Del. David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville) stood up to introduce the students, who were sitting in the gallery. But when Toscano said the students were members of the “Charlottesville Young Liberals” club, some GOP lawmakers started booing.

After initially being taken aback, Toscano responded by saying: “They are here to witness the process. Whatever you may think of what they may think, I hope you would give them a warm Capitol welcome and help educate them on how things work down here.”

Ironically, the reception probably offers a lesson for the students on how things “work” in partisan Richmond this year.

Oh, I’m sure they just got plenty of education on how things work in Richmond…

UPDATE: Much thanks to Assembly Access for the video:


UPDATE #2: Raising Kaine: “For their part, the Republicans claim they were ‘joking.'”

UPDATE #3: Addendum on Tim Craig’s blog post:

GOP aides stress the lawmakers who booed were joking, which is common in the sometimes unruly House chamber.

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