More defense attorneys love Harvey Latney…

I wonder why…no, wait, I don’t.

Here’s the list, with a link to the complete PDF at the bottom:

Name: Law Firm Amount of Contribution Certified Court-Appointed Attorney for Caroline County?
Russell Eubank Booker Unknown $500 Yes.
Bowen, Champlin, Corr, Foreman and Rockecharlie Bowen, Champlin, Carr, Foreman and Rockecharlie $500 Yes.
Ramon Chalkley Law Office of R. E. Chalkley, III (formerly of Murphy & Strickland) $100 Yes.
Brian Grossman Crowgey & Grossman $250 No.
Harrison Hubard Hubard, Samuels, & Lewane $100 No.
George Hettrich Unknown $100 No.
Murray Janus Bremner, Janus, Cook, Marcus & Stone $100 No.
Kristie Kane Kristie L. Kane, PLC $100 Yes.
Jean Marie McKeen Tomlin & McKeen $500 Yes.
John Leo Mahoney John L Mahoney, Att-at-Law $500 Yes.
ParisBlank, LLP ParisBlank, LLP $250 No.
James F. Sumpter James F. Sumpter, PC $100 Yes.

$3,100 more from defense attorneys! You’re in fine company there Maxie!

Listen to this gem from Crowgey & [Brian] Grossman’s site:

We believe it is wrong to punish conduct which injures no one and poses no threat to society.

Unfortunately, until the law changes there will continue to be situations where otherwise innocent people find themselves ensnared in the clutches of the legal system facing potentially serious consequences. If you have fallen into such a predicament then you may need the services of an experienced lawyer to help you out of a bad situation

Apparently, this includes drug offenses, drunk driving, traffic accidents, reckless driving, and habitual offender violations according to his own website!

Some information on Murray Janus, from Virginia Business: Top Criminal Defense Lawyer:

When Janus recounts his most significant cases, he points to losses more than wins. It’s all about guts and good lawyering, even though those aren’t always enough to acquit a defendant. In the mid-70s, when the toxic chemical Kepone was dumped in the James River and virtually destroyed the Virginia seafood industry, Allied Chemical hired Janus. In the cases he tried, Allied was acquitted. Janus was champing at the bit to maintain the defense. But awash in a tsunami of bad publicity and facing a growing number of indictments, the client insisted on a plea of no contest to two charges of criminal pollution. The admission led to a $13 million fine, the highest ever awarded in an environmental case in America at the time. In the mid-80s, when the great-grandson of Reynolds Metals’ founder was charged with the violent rapes of three Richmond women, Janus was at the defense table. His client went to jail. But the case epitomized Janus’ reputation for not shying away from a reviled defendant.

Every defense attorney knows that some losses are as good as a win. In 1978, when a half-dozen elected officials were convicted of bribery-related charges and ejected from U.S. Congress in the history-making ABSCAM trials, Janus got the bagman in the case a minimal sentence of a year and a day. Not a win, but not the loss it could’ve been.

Tomlin & [Jean Marie] McKeen refers to themselves as a “DWI Law Firm”.

Oh, and by the way, Ramon Chalkley was also an attorney for Donna Blanton during her first trial and subsequent appeal.

pdficon_small PDF of the complete report.

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