Bill Pickett (candidate, Board of Supervisors, I-Mattaponi District) wants to increase the gas tax?

CORRECTION: Bill Pickett NOT for gas tax increase

Apparently, from The Caroline Progress (print edition, August 22, 2007): Candidates for Board of Supervisors reveal their visions for Caroline County:

Pickett also said the county should look into raising revenues by a small increase in the tax on gas.

Really, a “small increase”? How much, exactly, is a “small increase”?

With all the gas sold at Carmel Church where numerous interstate travelers stop to refuel, a small increase in the gas tax would bring in needed revenue while having a minimal impact on county residents, he said.

“[A] minimal impact on county residents”? Don’t county residents buy gas in the county? The average cost of gas is already $2.64 in Virginia. How about talking about better spending money than raising taxes?

Do you want to be paying more for gas just because the Board of Supervisors can’t stop spending $17,460 per board member for their salaries (they’ve increased their salaries for at least five straight years [or as they call it “[n]o significant changes”]), or $100,000 on courthouse greenery, or $1,100,000 on a visitor center, or $3,200,000 on a community recreation facility?

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