Bill Pickett NOT for gas tax increase

From an email exchange [emphasis mine]:

Please understand that I am not for any new taxes! I was asked the question at a meet what avenues would I look at if the county needed more revenue.

For example, if there was an emergency need for additional revenue.


Our county needs to be run as a business. I come from a business/production (productive) back ground. I believe in running a lean organization. We must have a strong administration.

I care about our county.

William O. “Bill” Pickett

Mattaponi Board of Supervisors



  • To make absolutely certain that the tax dollars that go to our school system are spent wisely. Last year I had the opportunity to visit the “building class” several times at Caroline High School. A class of about 30 had little to no materials. We also need a tolerance level established and enforced. We cannot expect our children to be taught properly without giving our teachers the proper tools.
  • Review budgets in detail to avoid unnecessary spending. I do not believe we are getting a “bang for our buck”. The right Priorities must be established and followed.
  • Review future planned projects and developments carefully so they will thrive and not become a burden to residents or create traffic congestion at the present or in the future. Spend a little time at the Carmel Church intersection and you will see what I mean. Now it is going to cost several million in state tax dollars to clean up this mess and Ladysmith is headed in the same direction! It is inevitable that this county will continue to grow as we provide necessary utilities but schools and community need to come first. We must properly plan at the front end now.
  • Provide assistance to our law enforcement agency, to keep our neighborhoods free of crime and corruption. Provide our fire and rescue stations with additional man power to cover the growth rate.
  • Use available resources to keep Caroline clean. Tax dollars are collected for keeping our county clean, but it seems they are not being utilized. I personally like my neighbor hood clean.
  • We must have a strong County Administration to make sure all county funded departments are performing. These folks work for you and I. A properly managed county will thrive, but most of all Caroline will be a place we are proud to call home.
  • Please vote for me this coming November, One person can make a difference!

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