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Richmond Times-Dispatch: Delegate wants police to monitor Sex Workers’ Art Show:

Del. Brenda L. Pogge, R-Williamsburg, has requested that law enforcement officers witness the Sex Workers’ Art Show tomorrow night at the College of William and Mary to determine whether the show violates state obscenity laws.


The state obscenity law Pogge cited, however, provides an exemption for universities. Pogge acknowledged the exemption but said she still wanted authorities to look into the case.

“Of course, it’s not against the law, but look into it anyway”…

Efficient use of police resources…


Supporters of the show, which is being funded through student fees, private donations and ticket sales, say it uses sexually charged performances while shining a light on the work and motivation of people working in the multibillion-dollar sex industry. Opponents consider it lewd, a promotion of pornography and an inappropriate use of student fees.

I’m sure there will be no lack of volunteers for this assignment…

This was a no brainer

From the AP via WUSA9: Virginia House Panel OKs College Emergency Plan Measure:

Legislation requiring colleges and universities to develop emergency management plans was unanimously endorsed Friday by a House of Delegates committee.


The bill would require universities to update their emergency plan every four years, establish a threat assessment team, and create a system to notify students and employees of emergencies by e-mail, phone, text messages or other means.

UPDATE: The following colleges/universities have already set up alert systems:

General Assembly comes through on full-time funding for Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office?

There had been a question of whether the state would fund the conversion process for the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office from part-time to full-time status this year.

Budget Amendment Item 73 #1h, #5h, #6h, #1s, #2s, #3s (sorry, can’t provide direct linkage):


(This amendment requests general funds to convert four part-time Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ offices to full-time status, in accordance with §15.2-1629, Code of Virginia. The amendment provides funding to convert the offices for Buckingham, Caroline, Charles City, and Middlesex counties to full-time status. Funding is needed a) to convert the salary of the Commonwealth’s Attorney to full-time; b) to convert the salary of the part-time administrative assistant to full-time; c) for additional office expense funding; and d) for start-up equipment costs in the first year.)

Let’s hope these amendments survive the budget process.

Thanks to Delegates Abbitt*, Hargrove, McClellan, Moran, Morgan*, Morrissey, Orrock, Peace, Putney*; and Senators Colgan*, Deeds, Marsh, McDougle*, McEachin, Stolle*.

*Indicates Chief Patron of an amendment

Delegate Peace is also Chief Patron of a budget amendment (Item 493 #198h) that would provide $50,000 to the Quin Rivers, Incorporated; which is a community action agency serving Charles City, New Kent, King William, King and Queen and Caroline counties.

Delegate Peace is Chief Patron of another budget amendment (Item 493 #226h) that would provide $25,000 for construction of the Dawn Library.

GOP in the House of Delegates mature as ever…

From Tim Craig’s blog at The WaPo: Lawmakers Boo “Young Liberals”:

A group of students from Charlottesville and Albemarle County high schools didn’t exactly experience southern hospitality when they visited the state Capitol yesterday.

During the House session, Del. David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville) stood up to introduce the students, who were sitting in the gallery. But when Toscano said the students were members of the “Charlottesville Young Liberals” club, some GOP lawmakers started booing.

After initially being taken aback, Toscano responded by saying: “They are here to witness the process. Whatever you may think of what they may think, I hope you would give them a warm Capitol welcome and help educate them on how things work down here.”

Ironically, the reception probably offers a lesson for the students on how things “work” in partisan Richmond this year.

Oh, I’m sure they just got plenty of education on how things work in Richmond…

UPDATE: Much thanks to Assembly Access for the video:


UPDATE #2: Raising Kaine: “For their part, the Republicans claim they were ‘joking.'”

UPDATE #3: Addendum on Tim Craig’s blog post:

GOP aides stress the lawmakers who booed were joking, which is common in the sometimes unruly House chamber.

“Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead!”

Well, almost, from the AP via NBC4: Va. Senate Passes Fees Repeal, Resolves Rebate Flap:

The Virginia Senate passed a bill to repeal high fees on bad drivers after ending an impasse over how to rebate fees already assessed and collected.

Wednesday’s 39-0 vote came after Republican Sen. Kenneth Stolle and Democrats agreed to allow those ordered to pay the fines to petition courts to vacate the order.

Once the order is set aside, the state will reimburse the amount paid.

Stolle’s amendment also prevents the Department of Motor Vehicles from withholding driving privileges for failure to pay any fees not yet collected.

Partisan wrangling over how to refund the fees had held up the legislation since last week.

The bill now heads to the House of Delegates.

I’m just saying…

Chris Peace’s Progress Report: Peace Progress: Session-Week 1:

Government Transparency

Virginians demand a leaner, more fiscally responsible government. We can do more with less and in that way should be no different than the average family. Thanks to the Internet, citizens have access to the United States and Virginia state budget and laws. However, in Virginia, local governments have no requirement to publish their budgets online. I am sponsoring House Bill 140, which will require local Board of Supervisors and school boards to publish their budgets on the Internet or make available for hard copy. We must always look at ways to shine the light on government, make it leaner and more efficient as well as protect the people’s purse. Transparency at all levels of government will assure that governments are being fiscally responsible and good stewards of the taxpayer dollar.

That’s pretty ironic considering Delegate Peace voted to not record subcommittee votes (which are able to kill bills).

He also voted to not allow live television broadcasting of the House of Delegates session.