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Chris Peace’s Progress Report: Peace Progress: Session-Week 1:

Government Transparency

Virginians demand a leaner, more fiscally responsible government. We can do more with less and in that way should be no different than the average family. Thanks to the Internet, citizens have access to the United States and Virginia state budget and laws. However, in Virginia, local governments have no requirement to publish their budgets online. I am sponsoring House Bill 140, which will require local Board of Supervisors and school boards to publish their budgets on the Internet or make available for hard copy. We must always look at ways to shine the light on government, make it leaner and more efficient as well as protect the people’s purse. Transparency at all levels of government will assure that governments are being fiscally responsible and good stewards of the taxpayer dollar.

That’s pretty ironic considering Delegate Peace voted to not record subcommittee votes (which are able to kill bills).

He also voted to not allow live television broadcasting of the House of Delegates session.


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