The Virgil Goodification of the Republican Party?

How else can you describe what has happened to the Republican Party this year? The Republican Party had a simple route to a landslide election this year: Cut government. But, like the Republican Party so often does, they could not not screw it up.

Instead of focusing on actually cutting government, and coming for plans on how to do that, they have decided to focus on a community center containing a mosque being built on private property in New York City in an attempt to violate a particular religious group’s First Amendment rights. In doing so, they have turned into Virgil Goode:

And people wonder why I will not be voting for a Republican this year.

12 thoughts on “The Virgil Goodification of the Republican Party?”

  1. Tim,

    If only the Republican Party was following Virgil Goode’s consistently conservative example. What we have this year in Virginia is one nominee who was part of 2004’s “Gang of 17” and another who donated money to Chairman Obama in 2008. Great conservatives, indeed!

    1. Just because Reid is opposing Park51, doesn’t make it nonpartisan. He’s just trying to save his own skin.

      That’s like saying because Democrats voted for the Iraq War Authorization, it wasn’t partisan.

      It’s been folks like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Sean Hannity, led by hatemongers like Pamela Geller, that have been leading this anti-Park51 movement from the beginning.

      1. So, a radio host, an ex-Governor, and former Speaker who last ran for office in 1998 speak for the GOP?

        But the Senate leader and the current Dem governor of NY (Patterson, who tried to have it moved) don’t speak for the Dems?

        Sorry, Tim, you’re connecting dots that aren’t there. This thing is dividing both parties.

        1. You mean Newt Gingrich, one of the most vocal anti-Park51 opponents, who is desperately trying to make a name of himself so he can run for President in 2012? Ditto for Palin.

          And then there’s people like Rick Lazio (GOP gubernatorial candidate in New York) who has proposed using the state’s regulatory power to stop Park51 from using a buy-out clause of their contract with ConAir? Or there’s Carl Paladino, also in New York, that’s suggested using the state’s eminent domain power to seize the property.

          Or there’s Rick Scott, GOP gubernatorial nominee in Florida, who ran an ad entitled “Obama’s Mosque”.

  2. And people wonder why I will not voting for a Republican this year.

    Hahaha apparently you didn’t pass high school english.

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