Paranoid Sarah Palin kicks conservative bloggers out of event.

Geez. That woman’s nuts.

And that comment thread has a major attack of the Palinbots too.

Why does that woman have any credibility with anyone? At least it’s gotten to the point where an endorsement from her is a net negative.

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  1. Victor Bendeck says:

    Republicans, through several religious/social/civic brainwashes, have reached perspectives that deems them incapable of thinking for themselves. They are avid listeners for key words and plug into homey phrases like “Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air” -I have heard this phrase emerge from three Republican middle-aged female mouths. Although I agree that change isn’t always wanted or necessary; this tribe finds solace only in those matters that will preserve a status quo resembling the ‘good ole days’ when they could be surrounded by whites in soda shops, schools, and buses. Can you imagine a Republican lady walking around mid-day Richmond East Broad Street? -Gasps- unimaginable…

    The short sight gives them the capability of ignoring the Jr. Bush years (and messups), focusing solely on a ‘success in Iraq’ and pride over his phallus shown on the internet. They are willing to hand the popsicle to the next preacher that preaches to their choral tastes. As the Democrat was a black man, naturally theirs was a woman, and the naming of a black man as head of the NRP. Its not really about race and gender, but it is…

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