Krystal Ball’s individual in-district contributions down to 4.92%.

It was 5.15% at the end of September, now it’s down to a mere 4.92%.

4.92% of this candidate’s money from individuals, a misery $15,150, has come from within the district.

If you don’t count the money that’s she gotten from her husband, only 3.36% of her money, $10,350, is from within the district.

Meanwhile, an imbecile like Lowell Feld at Blue Virginia talks about how Krystal Ball is a ‘true progressive that can win!1!’.

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4 thoughts on “Krystal Ball’s individual in-district contributions down to 4.92%.”

  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention but take a deeper look at her spending. $26k for tickets to a NYC puppet show and $10k to pay off a contest winner. I never gave her money, but if I had, I would be asking for it back. Good grief.

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