Kenny Golden (Republican candidate in the second district): People in the military are prohibited from having sex.

Oh, really Kenny?:

Virginia Beach, VA – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, stated on Tuesday his support of allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

2nd District Congressional Candidate Kenny Golden, who served with Admiral Mullen and knows him well, vehemently disagrees.

“While Admiral Mullen is a trusted and admired friend, he and I differ completely on this matter. The issue at hand is not civil rights, but discipline and unit cohesion. Any sexual conduct, homosexual or heterosexual, is strictly prohibited. We are not denying anyone their civil rights just because they cannot announce they are homosexual.”

Well, hot damn, did you guys know that sexual conduct by heterosexual members of the military was prohibited? News to me. So all those military folk you see getting married, I guess they never consummate their marriages?

And I do enjoy people that use straw men, in this particular case, comparing otherwise legal sexual activity with fraternization.

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6 thoughts on “Kenny Golden (Republican candidate in the second district): People in the military are prohibited from having sex.”

  1. well.. you could have misunderstood you know… that “don’t ask, don’t tell” applies to ALL KINDS OF SEX…. right?

  2. He is referring to people who are on duty. You can’t have sex on a ship or on a base, period, end of story.

  3. Not while you are on duty.Not “active” duty, I mean actually on the job. If you are living on the base, gay or straight, you could do what you want, so long as you are not actually on the job. If you knew anything about the military, you would understand that.

  4. Actually, no, you can’t. If someone finds out you’re engaging in homosexual activity at home, you’re going to be discharged.

    Not so much if you’re engaged in heterosexual activity at home.

    And nowhere did Kenny say anything about engaging in sexual activity while on-duty.

    I’m guessing if you’re supposed to be guarding a building as a MP and you’re actually frakin’ someone, you’re going to in the trouble. Well, no duh.

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