Another artificial and engineered crisis debunked.

WUSA9: Virginia Nursing Shortage May Be Less Than Expected

And as for all engineered crises (or should that be crisi?), it’s just another attempt to grow the size of government:

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said the state has increased access to nurse training programs and made salaries more competitive, resulting in 900 additional nursing graduates since 2006.

“In the last few years, Virginia has made smart, strategic investments to develop our healthcare workforce and we are seeing tremendous results,” Kaine said. “These efforts will not only help to meet the healthcare needs of millions of Virginians, but give people the opportunity to secure a good job in a growing field.”

“Investments” in government lingo means “I just redistributed your money to someone else.”

One thought on “Another artificial and engineered crisis debunked.”

  1. Not sure where you are coming from sometimes guy. We have a lot of folks unemployed in the state especially in the places where they’ve lost manufacturing.

    The Gov wants to provide re-training opportunities for the unemployed in a field that is growing and will need qualified workers.

    Each one of these folks because one less person on welfare or unemployment and one more person helping to pay taxes.

    I cannot think of a more appropriate thing for the Gov of Va to be doing.

    I note that the new gov McDonnell has run as a candidate saying that he would be a “jobs” governor.

    I seriously don’t think that using people’s taxes for retraining the unemployed is considered by most people as “redistribution of others money” – no more or less certainly that the 4K per child that the state spends on primary education – again to produce more self-reliant and financially responsible citizens.

    or …. have I totally misunderstood your point?

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