Is Catherine Crabill a Provisional IRA member?

The folks at “I’m Surrounded By Idiots” (that would be me) have been wondering for a long time where exactly Catherine Crabill got her infamous ‘ballot box or bullet box’ quote (since Patrick Henry never said anything remotely similar — ever).

While spending too much time on Wikipedia, I came across this quote from Provisional Irish Republican Army leader Danny Morrison:

Who here really believes we can win the war through the ballot box? But will anyone here object if, with a ballot paper in this hand and an Armalite in the other, we take power in Ireland?



  1. cargosquid says:

    I don’t think she got it from there. I think it came to her spontaneously. Remember, in come circles, “When all else fails, vote from the rooftop” is taken seriously.

    Remember, people voted from the rooftop in 1776 and in 1860.

  2. Fred2Red says:

    When I asked her she said it was one of the founding fathers (either henry or madison) Ill have to shuffle thru my emails to see what she said.

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