FYI: I fully support Aqua Virginia’s proposed rate increase.

Why? Because I love a profitable company. I really love companies that make obscene profits.

In fact, if I had a single spare cent to my name, I would be inquiring about buying some stock in Aqua Virginia (assuming that they provide a regular cash dividend).

But do not fret Aqua Virginia customers, in a year or two President Obama and his newly founded Unification Board will ensure that those evil owners of Aqua are not making any profit. And I am sure folks like Delegate Chris Peace, Supervisors Wayne Acors and Floyd Thomas, and The Caroline Progress will be celebrating.

But — hopefully — by that time, the people at Aqua will have gone on strike and the customers of Aqua will be dying of thirst, unable to take a shower, and their lawns will be dead.

Midas Watson

5 thoughts on “FYI: I fully support Aqua Virginia’s proposed rate increase.”

  1. Not sure what your point is. There is a lot of room between a company that makes obscene profits delivery shoddy service and the govt taking it over.


    I’m just trying to get your views about this kind of thing calibrated a little better.

    Do you think that the govt should not be regulating?

  2. no? What about Dominion Power or REC?

    You want them to charge whatever they want to?

    or your credit card company or your bank or phone company?

  3. LarryG it is called the free market, they have a service you need, so you pay other wise know as supply and demand. Why should the government be involved in private enterprise Larry????????????

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