Clyde Davenport to be stuck in perpetual criminal justice limbo for the rest of his life?

The Free Lance–Star:

A former Caroline County deputy was re-indicted this week on allegations that he feloniously abused a child.

Clyde Charles Davenport, 49, of Ashland, was indicted in Caroline County Circuit Court Wednesday on charges of child abuse, child abuse resulting in serious injury and malicious bodily injury.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Tony Spencer, the charges stem from incidents that allegedly occurred between January 2005 and December 2006.

Davenport had been indicted in Caroline County last summer on five counts of forcible sodomy of a child under 13. The indictment followed a state police investigation.

But those charges were recently dropped by Spencer in order to present the new charges.

“We felt that it was appropriate to nolle prosse the old charges first,” Spencer said.

So, Spencer has harassed a man for over a year (since July 2008) on charges that he sexually abused his daughter a youth and since that’s apparently bullshit and couldn’t be proved, Spencer has had to resort to this?

And which of the charges presented are more serious? I would consider the five counts of forcible sodomy to be more serious. If I’m not mistaken, they carry a sentence of up to life in prison for each count. And it took over a year for him to figure out the sexual abuse charges were bullshit and/or couldn’t be proven? If he couldn’t prove those charges, how the hell does he plan on proving these?

And how many years will it take for this case to be nolle prossed? One year, two, maybe three?

And does anyone know if you recall constitutional officers in Virginia?

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  1. wrong wrong wrong clyde’s daughters were not the victim”s in the sodimy case..this sicko targets young boys…however his eldest daughter was a victim to his violence when he punched her teeth out as a young girl (bodily injury charge) clyde also did the same thing to the sodimy victim and the family hopes to show what kind of person he really is before they go forward with the sodimy charges….the caroline police and prosecuters have been very shady when it comes to bringing down “one of their own”…to blame that on the victim or the family is down right stupid…the charges against clyde are bullshit??? well i just hope you do not have children that would grow to look up to someone who could think this way…i also hope that clyde, the caroline officers and formers officers who are doing everything they can to make this go away finally get the punishment they deserve….and mr. watson, i suggest you research a little better next time before you speak on a subject you obv. know nothing about…this case has managed to shine a light on a lot of abuse, racism, and crooks with a badge….and to clyde charles davenport: i will see you in court :)

    1. Uh, the Virginia State Police was involved in investigating the case. And no one in the Caroline County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office was even employed there when Davenport worked for the Sheriff’s Office. And if you knew about the politics between the two offices, you would know that there is not a whole lot of love lost between the folks in charge.

      Racism? I thought Davenport was white, mind you, my mental image of him is a little lacking right now.

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