But wait a second, I thought we didn’t have any gangs in Caroline County!

Supposedly, we only have these different “groups” that commit crimes (or “wannabes” if you talk to the High Sheriff). But that goes out of  the window when you want to throw some dumb kid in prison for a couple years (The Free Lance–Star):

Ricky Alan Heinbaugh Jr. will stay locked up in a juvenile facility until he is at least 18 years old.


Judge Horace A. Revercomb III sentenced him yesterday to an active sentence of 2 years. But because he is 16, he is allowed to serve the time in a juvenile facility. After two years, Revercomb said, his behavior will be reviewed.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tony Spencer argued that Heinbaugh’s criminal history and destructive behavior make him a danger to Caroline County. He had a gang expert critique Heinbaugh’s MySpace page, which the expert said had signs of possible gang affiliation to the Bloods street gang, such as tattoos and mannerisms.

And some expert testimony there too:

Heinbaugh’s mother, Melissa, testified that her son was diagnosed as bipolar, and his destructive behavior began as a result of her nasty divorce from his father. She also testified that she and her daughter have the same tattoo that Heinbaugh has as a symbol of their family’s strength. She said it means “Stay up.”

3 thoughts on “But wait a second, I thought we didn’t have any gangs in Caroline County!”

  1. Ricky Heinbaugh is my brother & I as well as my mother will always stand beside him. And the fact that you refer to him as ”some stupid kid” is absolutely ridiculous. he has made mistakes HONEST MISTAKES just like the rest of us. My brother is not a member of a gang and tony spencer is plain stupid for even bringing that mess up. he is horrible at his job And i dont see how he could let 2 others who admitted then lied about the crime go free with no charges . my brother never once was questioned about it and never denied being there. i love him an will always support him in every way possible

  2. I always say you do the crime; now do the time.Its sad how parents want to blame it on other factors. First of all if he is bi polar he should be taking meds.Until he is 18 that is the parents responsibility that he is getting meds and he is under close supervision of a doctor. I cant help but wonder maybe the parents were caught up in their own pursuits to not notice that the meds were not working.
    Come on wake up people. Dont lose sight of your most important comodity your children. THAT COMES BEFORE YOUR NEEDS AND YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS NEEDS.PARENTS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE UNSELFISH……

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