Shakeup at the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office: Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hall resigns “effective immediately”!

From Portsia Smith’s “Caroline Crossroads” blog:

Talked to Sheriff Tony Lippa and he has confirmed that Lt. Col. Mike Hall resigned from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office effective immediately Tuesday.

Lippa said Hall will focus on his lawn care business, B & H Site Improvements.

No other details are available at this time.

I’m sure I’m not the only that isn’t buying this. No one resigns “effective immediately” unless they get fed up and walk out or if they’re fired outright.

This is pure speculation, but maybe Hall got sick of a sheriff’s office being used to go after someone (i.e., Ben Boyd) because that someone got hired for a job over someone else’s (i.e., Lippa’s) kin (i.e., Robbie Jenkins)?

This whole thing is even weirder because it was Lippa that brought Hall into the sheriff’s office (Hall was previously a Virginia State Trooper, a sergeant I believe) to be Lippa’s Chief Deputy when Lippa was elected. I’m guessing that Major Moser is doing those duties now which he should be able to manage since he was Homer Johnson’s Chief Deputy for several years). Now, the question is will Major Moser agree to do things that Hall apparently refused to do? Only time will tell…

Let’s hope that Hall keeps his calendar clear for two years from now. That would be 2011 for those that have trouble counting. Lot of interesting stuff happening that year, constitutional officer elections amongst them.

3 thoughts on “Shakeup at the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office: Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hall resigns “effective immediately”!”

  1. To validate the statement in the paragraph regarding resigning effective immediately, the writer is correct! You do not just resign from a law enforcement position effective immediately unless there was something else going on and from what I have heard from the a few sources I have within this office, there is more to this than Unit 1 will let on. Not my place to throw it out there and personally I dont care. Whatever Hall is accused of doing obviously was true seeing as how he resigned so quickly. I wouldnt look for him to be running for Sheriff any time soon. He is not well known as some others from the Sheriffs Office that will be running when Lippa decides to hang it up. My vote is going for Major Moser or Lt. Beazley. Both of these guys are good in my book and this comes from 2 years of dealing with the “BS” that office was and is still doing.

  2. I agree with Mike Jones that Mr. Hall will not run for sheriff, but it has little to do with his not being well known.

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