Nothing like some rampant nepotism to make a sheriff’s office great.

I speak of the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office specifically. There are at least two blatant and egregious examples of nepotism that has been demonstrated by hiring practices in that office and an additional examples that at least has mitigating circumstances. I’m not going to directly identify the employees — I personally don’t have a problem with one of the person involved — and instead will use their initials, but to anyone that has any knowledge of the office they should be able to identify the employees involved.

Then we have C.R., who’s currently a sergeant. He’s the stepson of another officer (again, officer in this context is someone of Lieutenant’s rank or higher). He’s also a blood relative of Supervisor Maxie Rozell (D-Reedy Church). In C.R.’s defense, he’s been employed by the sheriff’s office for awhile and as far as I know he actually deserves his rank of sergeant.

And now we get to the nuts and bolts of this post: We have A.L.J., who was hired as a dispatcher around a year ago. As you might be able to guess by her maiden name, she’s a close blood relative of Sheriff Tony Lippa. Her qualifications? As I recall from her engagement or marriage announcement that appeared in The Caroline Progress, she’s taken interior design classes at Germanna Community College. Hmm…I guess I can see that, interior design skills helping to dispatch and coordinate police and fire activities (snort). There’s another bad joke in there but I’m going to say it.

And then we have the most recent incident that I just learned about: J.A. was recently hired to be a court-services deputy. This particular person is a close blood relative of Supervisor Wayne Acors (I-Madison). Need I say more?

You know, this is the type of stuff that you would have expected during Homer Johnson’s day with the pervasiveness of the “good ol’ boy network” and not from someone (i.e., Lippa) that claims to be all about “professionalism” and hiring the most qualified candidates. All that apparently goes out the window when a relative of Lippa’s wants a job or a family member of a Board of Supervisors member wants a job.

On Monday: You won’t believe the history of someone that was just promoted to sergeant by Tony Lippa.

7 thoughts on “Nothing like some rampant nepotism to make a sheriff’s office great.”

  1. First of all my personal opinion of you as a “Blogger” I think you suck!!! because I feel if you have the balls to call people out on things the way that you are doing I think you should have balls enough to post the comments and opinions that have been sent to you in reply to all of this criticism and further more show your face in public. The facts that you are stating are by far correct and anyone who believes that they are it is showing that they are just as stupid and ignorant and naive as you. I am very good friends with Sheriff Lippa and ALL of his family and I also work with his daughter as a dispatcher, I must say she does a fine job and is one of the most professional and dependable dispatchers we have within our center. I am not saying this because I work for her father the Sheriff, but I can tell you if you can say all of this on the internet why won’t you go to a Board of Supervisor’s meeting and ask these questions? if not there why not schedule a meeting with the County Administrator? and as a TAX PAYER of Caroline county and a volunteer for nearly 10 years and being very well known within this county, I would appreciate someone who has as much hatred and opinions as you do to bring them forward to the community and the media instead of broadcasting this information on a website that has the address as “I’m surrounded by Idiots” in which the only idiot at this point is yourself! I would like for you to reply to this message and POST my comment. Thank you and as you said in your posting you will know who I am talking about when I say this…I hope one day you find a job that is associated with law enforcement of some type but we know why you can’t.

  2. Carter,
    I’m sure when Watson gets a job in law enforcement that office won’t consider vocational courses in fashion design the appropriate educational prerequisites like Caroline does.

  3. Excuse JR, but it’s quite easy to find me in public. It’s also quite easy to post comments on this blog as you’re well aware.

    As for my facts that you claim are “by far correct”, feel free to start your own little blog (how about “Not Timothy Watson” as the title?) and post away.

    Heh, and the funny thing is that I never stated that “A.L.J.” was Lippa’s daughter so thanks for doing that. I also find it interesting a “very good friend” of the Lippa family is also employed as a dispatcher. You sure as heck weren’t hired for you sentence and paragraph structure.

    And as for going to Board of Supervisors meetings, I have been to over 20 BOS meetings in the past three years, thank you very much. And the last time I checked a Sheriff and his hiring policies, or any of his policies, were not accountable to a Board of Supervisors or a County Administrator. Or are you unfamiliar with the power of constitutional officers?

    Uh, and what’s the difference between going to the community and the media versus posting the stuff on a website?

    I also find it funny that your comment on this blog was posted using the county government’s internet service. Is it consistent with the Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures for you to leave comments on blogs while at work?

  4. Chris Hall is not Former Lt. Colonel Hall’s son. They have the same last name but of are no relation. Hall only has 2 kids and they are both fairly young. Mike Hall would have to be in his early 50’s to have a son that is Chris Halls age. Do the math.

  5. J.R.

    That was uncalled for., he (ie: the one you are talking about is not concerned with that office so your assumptions as to this post being from him was incorrect. Tone it down a notch, your getting too bent out of shape over something that is in fact partially true and you know it.

  6. Carter,
    You gave credence to the fact that the Sheriff hires family members, friends, and political favors. Also, isn’t Sheriff Lippa’s sister-in-law a bailiff?

  7. TO: Disillusioned Carolinian,

    This is in fact true, Lippa does do this just as the rest of Caroline County does the same. I can name at least 3 or 4 clerks of the court if not more that are of close relation.

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