POS Jajuan Carlos Lewis pleds guilty in ‘murder by mob’ case.

Sentencing agreement is for a ten year active sentence for the murder count and another five years for a robbery charge according to The Free Lance–Star.

He’s the second person to take a plea in this case as I recall. Lashawn Monroe pled guilty for this charge and a capital murder charge a couple months ago.

Two down, seven more to go.

One thought on “POS Jajuan Carlos Lewis pleds guilty in ‘murder by mob’ case.”

  1. If your child went to a party, and another person at the party killed, a person and admitted to it, why is a selective few charged with murder by mob? Why was every person at the party not charged or just the one who did the shooting? Selective processing? Fair Trial? Murder by mob is a law that has missed the realms of reality and managed to stay on the books, just like beating your wife on the steps of a courthouse. Once an actual established court system has had the opportunity to research these trumped charges, maybe a fair and just system may prevail in a back woods ‘court’ system in question here.

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