How bad is the Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) project?

It’s so unreliable that troopers are relying on their personal cell phones to communicate according to Richmond Times-Dispatch:

The head of a Virginia State Police advocacy group says the new statewide communications system being developed for the state police and 20 other state agencies is so unreliable that many troopers use their personal cell phones to communicate.

Ken Bumgarner, president of the Virginia State Police Association, said yesterday that the association, consisting of about 2,100 troopers and retired troopers, has been made aware of numerous problems with the system. ((Tyler Whitley. “Communications system for troopers, others is criticized.” Richmond Times-Dispatch. 19 Jun. 2009: <>.))

I’m sure it’s a great boon to Trooper morale when they don’t know if anyone will hear them when they key their radio to call for backup or to request other assistance.

Here’s another thing to think about: What happens when the cellular phone system goes down or becomes overloaded because of a natural disaster or terrorist attack? How does the state planning on dispatching units and coordinating activities if the main users of the system (the Virginia State Police) rely on their personal cell phones for communications?

And for almost $340,000,000 the state of Virginia has been hoodwinked into purchasing a system that’s over budget — by over $10,000,000 already — and almost a year behind schedule and the main users of the system (State Troopers) don’t even think the system is reliable. They’re the ones whose lives count on the system working or not and they don’t trust it!

This is just one example of the failures in management and leadership by Warner–Kaine. They’re leaving their employees, which have the most dangerous jobs in the state government,  with inadequate equipment and nothing has been done to fix these problems even after the Auditor of Public Accounts has had to do two different audits on this project.

When will these problems be fixed and how much will it cost?

8 thoughts on “How bad is the Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) project?”

  1. If you research, you will find that the STARS legislation was used to sneak in funding for two new correctional facilities and expansion of another.

    With this is mind, do we think that it is the intent of our Law Makers to improve upon the actual intent of the bill.

  2. U have no idea how screwed up these sites are!!! I built them!! There a time bomb. Dont be near one. Sell ur house and move. The propane system is a bomb ready to blow at any time. Get away from those sites.

  3. I tried to tell the state Gov., The federal gov. the county gov., the state police chief, etc… They dont care about you or the police stations or the public property that they are located. Including schools, parks, and private homeowners. They want to shut me up. All they care about is making sure you THINK you got what you paid for. lol. Be careful around these sites. The backup propane system is NOT SAFE. I would not live within a mile of one of these sites. Seriously. GET AWAY FROM THESE SITES. VERY DANGERIOUS.

  4. I built those fucked up sites. I know the truth!!! Get away from those sites. Im sorry. I just did what I was told by many companies that I will name after the first of the year. Lets go after them and all aspects of the gov..

  5. Im George. Sorry was afraid at first. NO MORE! I fear for peoples lives. Including police officers. Of which many of these sites are built at State Police posts. If I was them, I wouldnt even report to work until that underground propane system was repaired. It is dangerious. I know, I built them.

  6. Ken Cuccinelli will never be Governor in 2013 if he doesnt get to the bottom of and hold those accoutable for the contruction problems on the STARS sites. I will have the press get involved. State and nationwide press!!!! I have everything ready to go at the click of my mouse.

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