Representative Rob Wittman (R-1st) blocks yours truly from following him on Twitter.

I just noticed today that I was no longer a “follower” of Representative Rob Wittman and when I tried to “follow” him I got the following message:


I’m going to have to guess it has something to do with this exchange:

Rob Wittman at 9:51 AM May 29th: “Taxpayers owe an additional $55,000 a household for the Gov’s spending in the last year, which is a 12% increase. #TCOT”

I replied at 10:06 AM May 29th with: “@RobWittman Didn’t you vote for that $290,000,000,000 farm bill in 2008? How much did that cost per household?”

My Lord, that man is a baby. I make one sarcastic, yet truthful, comment and he runs and hides. Folks, this is the man that we have fighting for your interests in Washington, D.C; a man that runs from an “insignificant” “leftist” “hate-blogger”.

Not to mention that it doesn’t prevent me reading what he posts on Twitter, after all I have a RSS subscription to his feed already.

4 thoughts on “Representative Rob Wittman (R-1st) blocks yours truly from following him on Twitter.”

  1. Another one of those John McCain conservatives that needs to be voted out, like all the other fake conservatives, we need more fiscally conservative candidates and less R’s who act like D’s. Good job robby boy, how about all those earmarks in the omnibus bill Wittman?

  2. I’ve noticed that the constiuent base does not share your view and Wittman is more than popular among voters and the Republican party for that matter so doubt he really cares very little whether you follow him on Twitter. There is some good commentary on this site occasionally but the majority of it looks like trash and sometimes outrage that people are not somehow giving you their respect. Some of your comments on the convention showed you to be pretty misinformed about the political players which is okay but am curious how old you are? Alot of the cuss word and phrases on here look like they were written by a teenager looking for some kind of acceptance. Are there two people writing this blog? Just curious. When I have time I read off Jeffersoniad but you are a pretty lightweight addition to that crew. None of them get in the pissing contests you do.

  3. I love to know on what basis you determined Wittman’s popularity. The fact that he’s never had a serious challenger in a race against him? The fact that the only reason he was able to be elected to the House of Delegates in the first place was because Alert Pollard opted not to run for reelection and the Dems couldn’t find anyone better than Linda Cranwell?

    Or the fact that the only reason he was nominated by the Republicans for the 1st Congressional District special election was because of the anti-Paul Jost fever during the convention? And then the Dems haven’t managed to find a serious candidate to run against him there either between Keith “Five Bankruptcies” Hummel and Bill “Department of Peace” Day. Philip Forget being the exemption to this rule but the Dems refused to provide him with any funding.

    And if he’s as popular as you state, that’s exactly the problem with the Republicans and people that vote in elections. If they think a guy that has voted for two unconstitutional tax increases (HB3202 in the House of Delegates and the bill of attainder for the AIG bonuses while in Congress) is a ‘good guy’, there’s something seriously wrong. And don’t get me started on his support for the $290,000,000,000 farm bill and paid “volunteerism”.

    It seems that you’re the one misinformed about the political players out there. I’m still waiting for an explanation on your previous comment about how Catherine Crabill’s $1,000,000 inheritance is going to fund her campaign when she has her home up for sale. And doesn’t she have four or five siblings so that much be one big pot to start from, eh?

    And if you don’t care for the content of this site, why do you bother reading it?

  4. I really don’t know that much about Catherine Crabill’s finances other than I was told she was not worried about money for her campaign but I do know that she is about as subversive to our government as she can be by her own admission and should not be running. I was also cautioned not to post on here as you have a bit of a reputation as a hater and tend to go off if challenged in any way. When I first started reading you I thought “the hate blogger” thing was a joke and then began to understand it was for real. I read online blogs when I can as don’t have time with my work schedule to read much else than on the computer so am looking for reputable reporting not hating so will check back from time to time. With this one it is hit and miss.

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