Bravo, Caroline County School Board: Do you bother running criminal records checks on your prospective employees?

The Free Lance–Star:

After Ben Boyd was hired as Caroline High School’s football coach May 11, Cavaliers Athletic Director Dan Dickey said a 10-person search committee had thoroughly vetted his past.

However, three members of the committee said in recent interviews with The Free Lance-Star that they weren’t aware of Boyd’s 1991 guilty plea to federal misdemeanor charges of misbranding and illegally dispensing anabolic steroids when they recommended him for the position.

And School Board members Wendell Sims and Fred Peatross said they had no knowledge of Boyd’s past when they gave the final approval of his hiring.


“I feel real bad I let this guy slip through,” search committee member Tom Ball said. “I should’ve known. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.”

Caroline Superintendent Gregory Killough worked in Franklin County with Boyd as recently as 2005 but said he discovered the coach’s past convictions only after Boyd was recommended by the committee.


  1. justice4all says:

    You might be surprised to learn how many convictions are not actually recorded on someone’s NCIC because of paperwork failures. It’s possible they may have run it & it wasn’t there.

    Regardless, per the story, the guy lied on his job application. Not good.

  2. Well, there’s no mention of a criminal history check in the story and I would assume that someone would hide behind one if they ran it and the conviction hadn’t been on it.

  3. Jonas says:

    When did Tom Ball become anti-steroid?

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