Lawrence Gaudenzi pleads guilty, gets 25 years in prison.

He also refused to say where the body was (The Free Lance–Star, Ellen Biltz’s Twitter page), which I found a little weird.

Couple of possibilities there: The prosecution knew that the body was disposed of in such a way that nothing could be recovered and didn’t want Gaudenzi to be able to get a lighter sentence because he disclosed what happened to the body. I was also wondering if he would come forward during sentencing and voluntarily disclose where the body was in an attempt to get the judge to reduce the sentence by a couple years, but that isn’t the case since he was just sentenced and no mention of the actual disclosure of the body was made in Ellen Biltz’s tweets.

I’m also ignoring the most obvious one: The guy’s an evil piece of s— and enjoys hurting people, even if it’s the victim’s family.

4 thoughts on “Lawrence Gaudenzi pleads guilty, gets 25 years in prison.”

  1. There is another possibility as to why this piece of crap won’t say where her body is…There are other bodies there also.

  2. of course there is! theres no other reason not to lower your sentence 15 years(!) by telling where the body is!

  3. I was incarcerated with this guy back in 2002 in the Rockingham County jail, POD 2N3. He had been brought in for living under a false identity. Never struck me as a murderer, very timid, mild mannered guy, not your average criminal, or shall I say not a career criminal. He did mention he was under investigation for murder though. He is a fair sized guy, I am only 5’8. I beat his ass no lie. Syid Justice, Richard hughes, and a few others witnessed it. Long story short, he was released from Rockingham County Jail and I saw him in the mall when I was taking my kids tricking treating, he was taking his daughter trick or treating. I don’t know what happened between him and his wife, but he loved that little girl. She was all he talked about in jail. he called her everyday, becasue at that point she was living with his girlfriend in Rockingham Cnty in the broadway area. He was nice person on the outside, but hey if you can kill your wife and put her in a drum and live with that shit, then you are evil. It has to have haunted him a little bit at least.

  4. I worked with him at Harrisonburg Walmart when it was in the mall. He was always someone that me and my family enjoyed talking to. He showed a little bit of a temper occasionally, but would have never thought of him as a murderer. He did get a little agitated when he was paged by the name Randy Evans.

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