The Free Lance–Star shows its utter contempt for the citizens of Caroline County.

From an editorial in yesterday’s edition:

HAD IT FOLLOWED a trajectory of indifference just a few years ago, Caroline County now would be a place where residents of one rural community waded through raw sewage; children’s teeth rotted in their head, causing them so much pain they could not follow their teachers’ instruction; and many county people found it hard to borrow a book or log onto a computer.

Yeehaw! We bango-playing slack-jawed yokels here in Caroline County can’t do nothin’ without the benevolent government doin’ it for us! We don’t know nothin’ ’bout them series of tubes and that computer box thing! Dentist, what be a dentist? Why, I just use a pair of pliers to fix me teethes!

And when did this “tolerance of indifference” end? A later section of the article notes “the turn of this century”. Are they implying that the county government didn’t care about these things until recently? What does that say about Board members that have been on the Board since 1988 or 1992?

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