You know, even drug dealing convicted felons have a right to self-defense.

A former resident of New Kent was arrested in Alabama for federal and state drug charges originating in Florida. He’s also faces charges in New Kent County for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, unlawful disposal of a dead body, and possession or distribution of marijuana. Here’s what the Richmond Times-Dispatch had to say:

Carter fled New Kent on Oct. 14 after a group of Williamsburg-area teenagers drove to his Lanexa home to rob him of guns and drugs, authorities say. New Kent officials believe Carter shot to death 18-year-old Christopher Greene after Greene, armed with a rifle, broke open Carter’s rear door. Greene’s body was found about 20 yards from the home, covered with a tarp.

Carter was charged with illegally disposing a body; authorities have never stated publicly whether they consider the shooting a justifiable homicide. Greene’s family has declined to comment.

Let’s imagine this scenario: You, or a family member that lives in your house, has a persistent pain problem and has a valid and legal prescription for a large amount of Vicodin (hydrocodone). A couple of hoodlums in your neighborhood find out about this. They decide to break into your home in an attempt to steal the drugs. You happen to be in your home when they decide to execute this genius plan. You see one of them break-in armed with a rifle and you grab your favorite hand-cannon and shoot one of their miscreant asses. You would not — or rather, should not — face any charges for this death, as long as you report it to the police obviously.

Is this guy, based on the news reports, guilty of drug possession and dealing? Yes. Is he guilty of illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon? Yes. Is he guilty of an illegal disposal of a body? Yes.

Murder? No.

And another part of this whole fiasco is that the Chief Deputy for the New Kent Sheriff’s Office was on the news the other day talking about how the family would finally have “closure” for the “victim’s” death. Uh…excuse me, one POS (the drug dealer) shot and killed another one (the armed burglar). Am I supposed to be upset? This wasn’t some youthful mistake: The “victim” was 18-years-old after all.

And the most annoying part? The other two perpetrators of the crime, along with another two co-conspirators, were only charged — depending on the person — with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, or attempted robbery. Where’s the charge for burglary with a deadly weapon, which is a class 2 felony, for crying out loud? These miscreants weren’t breaking-in to ask the guy to come over for bible study night, that’s for sure.

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  1. Well from my information…i dont think you should have put it up here and you dont even know Christopher at all..He is wrong for doing what he did but he wasnt that wrong to loose his life the way he did

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