Un-freakin’-believable: Caroline County requests $694,701,315 in funds from the federal stimulus.

That works out to almost $25,000 per citizen.

Do they not realize that they just requested $694,701,315 in funding? Not $6,947,013.15 in funding, not $69,470,131.50 in funding, but $694,701,315. Do those idiots realize how much freakin’ money that is? It’s almost 10 times the amount of their yearly operating budget!

And the sheer volume of these requests reduces the likelihood of actually getting a dime from the government. They’re just going to laugh in the county’s face when they get this list.

$120,000,000 for a fraking train station?!

This crap just reinforces the perception that Caroline County is populated with — and ran by — a bunch of hicks and idiots.

Everyone on that Board needs to be voted out of office, and whoever on the county staff decided that the $694,701,315 figure was a good idea needs to be fired.

FFS, I give up.

Stimulus package – 2009.pdf

Stimulas Package Projects spreadsheet.pdf

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