The End of Days: Some MSNBC reporter gets mugged in D.C.

Mika Brzezinski (some reporterette for MSNBC) was robbed for $6 outside a hotel in Washington, D.C. today.

Yeah, I have no idea who she is either.

Pompous blow-hard Joe Scarborough decided to make a big point of it during his interview with D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty this morning.

Since then, the story has made the Washington Times and WTOP. Both of those stories are linked off of the Drudge Report as well.

Now, the last I checked, people get robbed, raped, or killed in D.C. almost everyday. None of those stories make it onto Drudge, or even the Washington Times or WTOP in some cases.

I’m not sure whether to attribute this to economic status (rich people hate it when stuff happens to them) or racial status (ditto for the crackers).

An affluent, white couple gets killed in N.W. D.C. and the media reports “detectives are working overtime” to catch their killers. Within 24 hours, their killer is arrested and within 48 hours, an accomplice is also arrested.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of open cases for shootings and murders in Trinidad this year that haven’t been closed.

Or maybe it’s just sheer arrogance on the media’s part?

I remember back in the early or mid ’90s (back when D.C. was real bad) when some reporter for a local affiliate got carjacked, the news station had a month long exposé on the traumatic effects of carjacking and how to protect yourself from being carjacked (no mention of owning a gun through!), etc. It was just nauseating.

It also reminds me of the media’s treatment of casualties in Iraq or Afghanistan. When a soldier, seaman, Marine, or airmen gets killed, the story goes something like this: “[Rank of person injured] [name] was killed in Iraq as a result of [cause of death]. This marks the [insert number]th American military personnel killed in the conflict.”

However, when a reporter or “journalist” gets injured or killed: “The injury of [reporter’s name] has brought the war home for us here at [insert network]. Reporter [name] was injured in Iraq today. Correspondent [name] has an extended story on [reporter’s name]’s injuries and reactions from his family and from his friends at [employer name].”

The whole display is just nauseating, they don’t care when military personnel get killed, but if a reporter or “journalist” gets hurt you hear about it for a week. I guess they think since they’re part of a privileged class (the media), nothing bad should happen to them. No one would ever want to rob, carjack, or kill them.

The lowly serfs (people not in the media) should get that treatment but not the graduates of journalism school! After all, they’re out to make the world a better place!


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