More lies from the Caroline County government and The Free Lance–Star

From that rag (get your own link):

The visitors center was nine years in the planning and building, as the county sought private sponsorships and slowly amassed the money to pay for the 7,000-square-foot building, which also houses the county’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

No tax money went into the project; it was funded entirely by grants, gifts and donations.

Oh, really? Then why did the county borrow $600,000 or so just to finish building the visitors center?

The debt service on that loan will be paid out of the transient occupancy fund (that money comes from the transient occupancy tax) and the general fund (real estate and personal property taxes).

Not only that, but the county decided a whole next position was needed just to run the visitors center: the “tourism manager”, Kathy Beard.

The county is also in the process of hiring three or more “travel counselors” to staff the visitors center!

2 thoughts on “More lies from the Caroline County government and The Free Lance–Star…”

  1. Great!

    Now, they can have the tourism assistants give directions to the Old John Wilkes Booth historic marker on Fort A.P. Hill rofl. :)

  2. First off i grew up in this county and theres nothing to tour or travel to.Secondly we should attempt to change this abortion we call the government. I could think of a dozen or more ways the government can help caroline county that dont include tourism to markers all over the county for sites that no longer exist. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!

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