Caroline County Sheriff’s Office Receives Accreditation!

From the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office (PDF):

Caroline Sheriff A. A. “Tony” Lippa is pleased to announce that accreditation of the Sheriff’s Office by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC) has been granted. This 187 step process involves assessors verifying all aspects of the sheriff’s office operations to see that standards for efficient and effective agency operations are met. The stated goals of VLEPSC include: To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth through the delivery of services; To promote cooperation among all components in the criminal justice system; To ensure the appropriate level of training for law enforcement personnel; and To promote public confidence in law enforcement.

Achieving accreditation is one step further than state certification, which the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office was awarded in 2006. Accreditation standards are more comprehensive and stringent than those involved in certification. “Certification was akin to the agency getting its high school diploma. State accreditation is like receiving our bachelor’s degree,” said Sheriff Lippa.

The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office was recommended for accreditation by a team of reviewers who report to the VLEPSC Board of Directors. At its regular meeting on October 16th, the Board of Directors voted to grant accreditation status to the Caroline Sheriff’s Office. The board remarked that Caroline County had “one of the best” initial accreditation surveys” they had ever conducted. The Board also stated that it was wonderful to see representation and support from County Government, as Sheriff Lippa was joined at the accreditation award ceremony by County Administrator Percy Ashcraft, Deputy Administrator Alan Partin and Sheriff’s Office Citizen Advisory member Bob Gordon.

Sheriff A. A. “Tony” Lippa remarked, “I am both pleased and proud to announce that your Caroline County Sheriff’s Office has been granted accreditation for the first time ever. I am extremely proud of the men and women of this agency who have worked long and hard to see that these standards were met. Becoming accredited at the state level is yet another step to bring your sheriff’s office to the forefront of modern law enforcement.” Mr. Ashcraft remarked, “On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, I want to commend Sheriff Lippa and his staff for their hard work and dedication in achieving this significant milestone. This accreditation puts the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office in an elite group of law enforcement professionals. It is a proud day for Caroline County and the citizens we all serve.”

The sheriff’s office is placing new accreditation decals, shown above, on all marked cruisers to indicate to the public this outstanding achievement.

Sergeant A. W. Lambert, Deputy Sara Harper, VALEPSC Director Gary Dillon, Sheriff Lippa, Lt. Col. M. W. Hall, Admin Asst. Ms. Wimmer and Major Moser pose together at the VALEPSC Board meeting following the accreditation award.

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