Man POS wanted in Lancaster County — and who was featured on America’s Most Wanted — arrested in Arizona.

Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Lancaster Arizona authorities have arrested a man sought in Lancaster County on charges that he gave steroids to a high school wrestler and then molested him. U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Matt Hershey said a child-predator task force arrested Ben Hunter, 41, on Friday. Hershey says Hunter was wanted on charges ranging from child abuse to distribution of a controlled substance. He’s accused of assaulting the boy on overnight trips while he was a volunteer coach. Hunter was arrested in 2004, but posted bond and fled. The case was featured on America’s Most Wanted several times.

The great folks at America’s Most Wanted can slap a captured sticker on his profile now. Some great work from the judge in this case:

Hunter has been charged with 31 criminal counts ranging from distribution of a controlled substance to child abuse. Incredibly, despite the severity of his crimes, Hunter was allowed to bond out and travel to Oklahoma to visit his parents.

Cops say that was the last time anyone saw Hunter.

Good thing they finally managed to catch up to this POS.

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