“We’re Screwed ’08” and why I am seriously considering not voting for McCain (or anyone).

The “We’re Screwed ’08” is Michelle Malkin’s view on this election.

I kinda like the tagline from the first Alien vs. Predator film: “Whoever wins… We lose.”

A commenter on The right-wing liberal posted the following on an optimistically written post about Tuesday’s debate:

Thank God you have a somewhat calm and collected take on this. If I read many more “we’re doomed, doomed I say!!” blog posts by conservatives I’m going to start slapping people (with a baseball bat).

Well, threat of a baseball bat or not, we are doomed.

We have both Presidential candidates supporting a $700,000,000,000 bailout of banks that were ineptly ran. Those banks chose to give loans to people that had no ability to repay them. That $700,000,000,000 adds an additional $2,292.31 of debt to every American. Anyone have $2,292.31 that they are willing to pony up to give to banks that were ran by idiots (those idiots were making a mint too with their golden parachutes) and had bad business practices?

Now, we have the Republican candidate stating he’s going to spend $300,000,000,000 to bail people out of variable-rate mortgages that those people chose to agree to. McCain’s plan would give the Treasury Department the power to lower the principal and fix the interest rate on people’s mortgages. These people agreed to variable-rate mortgages when you have some of the lowest fixed interest rates over the last couple years since 1972. That $300,000,000,000 would add another $982.42 to every American’s debt. Pay through the nose please.

Hell, he essentially stole the idea from Biden who mentioned it during the Veep debate. Obama/Biden want to give United States Bankruptcy Courts the power to lower the principal and interest rates on mortgages.

And McCain had the gall to state he was considering appointing a campaign advisor and buddy (Meg Whitman) as Secretary of Treasury. That worked real well for Bush and Michael Brown over at FEMA.

Ham Sandwich is looking more and more promising as a candidate as this goes along.

I have a feeling that it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

Besides the whole bailout thing, we have the genius Mav[erick] stating that after the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan the Taliban came back in.

Uh, the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989.

The Taliban didn’t exist until September 1994 and didn’t take control of the country until 1996.

Isn’t McCain supposed to be an expert on foreign policy?

You had Obama stating the following on foreign policy: invade Pakistan, embargo Iran, pullout out of Iraq, and occupy Darfur.

Did McCain press Obama on any of that? No, of course not. In fact, you had McCain stating intervention in Lebanon was a bad thing while bombing, invading, and occupying Yugoslavia (especially Serbia) needed to be done.

Let me get this straight: Muslim terrorists in Lebanon holding CIA officers hostage = not a threat. Dictator in Yugoslavia (Serbia) with no means to effect the United States = threat.

I would just like to thank all the geniuses that voted for McCain over Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney in the early primaries.

You guys got us in this mess and frankly, you can get us out because I’m finished with it.

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