Presidential debate drinking game.

I wished I had come up with this. From Michelle Malkin’s blog:

A reader proposes the first drinking game suggestion:

Michelle, how about a college-style drinking game tonight – where everyone takes a drink whenever Obama says “Bush” – in his laughably ridiculous ongoing effort to link McCain to Bush.

If you’re looking to get inebriated quickly, start drinking every time Obama says “Uh.”

Or every time McCain touts bipartisanship.

And no, I didn’t watch the Presidential debate. I had no desire to get in a yelling contest with the television that late in the night.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll do a live hate-blog next time.

One thought on “Presidential debate drinking game.”

  1. This man has been a temper tantrum all his life. He is nothing more than a spoiled child at 72 and still screaming, pouting, grimacing and bullying. He’s eratic, impulsive and too close to the damn button.

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