This is the piece of trash that will be replacing Jay Leno next year?

At Breitbart: NBC’s Conan O’Brien Tells Crude Joke About Palin’s Daughter

For those that don’t want to waste their bandwidth — or their IQ points watching the video — here’s the transcript:

Conan O’Brien: During [Sarah Palin’s] speech [at the Republican National Convention] — I don’t know if you saw this — Sarah Palin spoke proudly about being a hockey mom.

That’s what she said…yeah, yeah.

It’s unknown what positions her kids play, but one of ’em isn’t very good at protecting the crease.

[Scattered jeers and applauses.]

Okay, then…that joke’s going to follow me around for awhile.

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s actually a very funny line. get over yourself.

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